Mother said it will not be lost

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Rahmatganj and Bashundhara Kings' youth team had given a trial in the case of Masud Shahriaradhi did not have the hand, despite the dream of the big footballer, he had to cut two hands in an electric accident

The white paper forms in the hands of everyone standing in the field. They have filled the paper with great care. There is no form of a player only.

What will be the boy's hand! The accident took away two of his hands. So, there is no good luck to stand in line with ten forms. There is no hands, but there are dreams in my eyes; There are two legs to play football. That's why the boy stands out in the realm of dream-football's 'trial'
Yes, the boy has a name, Masud Shahriar. But his real identity is that with the physical disadvantages of the rest, the courage and dreams of meeting the rest of the usual footballers.

17-year-old Masud is in Mohammadpur in Dhaka. On Monday, he was seen in Rahmatganj Muslim Friends' youth team trials. While there is no reason to keep the body balance while running, Masud tried his best in the trial match. He is not good luck to say to his teammates while playing as a striker and he has raised ten hands. But in a tugabuga against his young opponent, shaking his little shivering, that the 'treacherous' fate may have the opposite of the color of the threat!

Masud was hit by electric accidents while falling in the mosque's roof. Eventually, two hands were cut off. Masud fell in the fourth grade. Many people are struggling to live without hands, but many continue to live. But the hand is needed to do well in football - only the footballers understand that. Life has put Masud back here. Masud Shahriar in the field of Rahmatganj Club. Picture: Cricketer wanted to be in the first light. The dream was to be admitted to Bangladesh Sports Educational Institutions (BKSP). But if you do not have professional cricketer! That's why football was chosen by abandoning the dream. His second dream of the seed bed was made in Dhanmondi field.

Rahmatganj and Bashundhara Kings wrote the Masud name for the youth team trials for the first time by practicing for a few years. But unfortunately, whose companion, his lucky luck! There was no place in the team. By mercy, both the club's masters spoke about the future, this is his consolation. Nevertheless, Masud refused to leave, 'Today has not happened, tomorrow will be tomorrow. If not yesterday, tomorrow will be the next day. But it will happen. I'm a big footballer. It can not be any obstacle to my hand. "But the hilltop obstacle does not agree to the rate. Masud Just like going ahead in the study. Masud is falling in the ninth grade of commercial division in Dhanmondi Boys' School. Writing on foot, the boy is not going to be less than the other students of the class.

Dad is not there. Masood is small in three siblings. Her family has the affection of affection on her head. But the mother is the biggest inspiration for the little boy in the house. His mother always reminds me when I go out of the house for the game, 'I can not lose my father. May not defeat you in any obstacle. '

Masood's mother's words continued in the chest and kept moving. His mother said, can not be defeated ....IMG_20180406_103445_825.jpg

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