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Holy cow. I've somehow fallen into a routine of posting on steemit...once a week. It used to be daily.

Am I that swayed by the price of steem, and is that really all I was here for? Maybe so. I don't think anyone can make a judgment on character if it were true. Often we have to make decisions about the value of our time and what we're willing to do with the limited number of minutes we have in a day. Spoon theory comes in to play as well. Not to mention it's somewhat disappointing to watch the invisible fruits of 14 months worth of effort be whittled down to a pittance. I see that regularly enough with my paycheck once the government has had its way with it.

Part of it is that steemit is a constant reminder of my relative lack of success in the crypto space in general. After the crazy spikes in December and January, during which the smart people sold and the reluctant would hodl, my crypto pile is a fraction of what it once was, and I'm reluctant to throw more good money after bad.

A positive turn in the markets might make me feel better about things. Maybe I'll have to wait until December or January. Until then, all I can do is post words and pictures when I have the time and willpower. Such as this beautiful pool full of yellow water lilies, taken during a recent trip to Denver.

Lilies. No frogs.


Photo by @negativer

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I know that I have a terrible time coming up with content on the daily, but it helps me to schedule out a few days work in advance so I can be a little lazy and just copy pasta from my backlog/frontlog/workdoneinadvance? haha.

You got my support, one way or another. <3

The hardest part for me is absorbing the sheer amount of feed, commenting, engaging. Hence me whittling down my follows slowly over time.

Actually writing the blog isn't so hard when you look at (all the other stuff) that goes along with it.

Hope landwhale is doing good.


I like the idea of prepping content in advance. But yea, maintaining the relationships is where the time and hard work is (especially when steemit.com doesn't make it easy to keep up with things)


Yeah my urge to reply to comments comes and goes. I've tried many strategies but I think the crux of the issue is having to dig and figure out if someone is a robot or not, then replying. That drives me nuts in terms of time wastage/time management. I feel like those moments could be better spent so my comment replying starts to drag down and le-suck after a while until I guilt myself into getting back into it. haha. <3

"Part of it is that steemit is a constant reminder of my relative lack of success in the crypto space in general."

Yes, this. A lot.

I'm in a similar headspace, but I know your level of involvement here, so I am going to postulate the overall "feelz" around here are more than just the "dip" - We're all scared we may have been wasting our time for a couple years here. And if it doesn't change, mediocre pricing or not, it's been a bad call again in the crypto and personnel time utilization spaces. for some of us anyway.

But remember, we know each other now. So now you at least got that. You know where the jerks like me live so you know where to avoid on the planet.

Bonus, maybe?


....plus, we know each other, now!


I'm glad I'm not the only one. I have to think a lot of people are hoping they haven't wasted their time. But of course, there's nothing new under the sun; anything risky and anything with a time investment is full of people hoping they didn't make the wrong decision. I guess we'll all find out eventually.

Thanks much for commenting in, @sircork.

I was just thinking "hmm, must be time for a Neg post" and voila!

I only post a weekly Team Aus update (assuming someone joins) and 1 Travel Digest at the moment. I've not written much new stuff at all either. It's a bit the prices but mostly cos I don't have anything I really want to say.


I'm glad I was able to fulfill your mild urge for Neg content in a timely fashion.

Inspiration ebbs and flows, and muses come and go. Who knows what the future might bring?

I know, right?? But if it helps to motivate you at all, there are many of us who really enjoy reading what you have to say and feel bereft without your regular humorous and thoughtful posts. We miss you!

I’m also feeling like a HODL idiot, but on the other hand, I’ve made such good friends, like you, and that is priceless.

Also, I thank Steemit for getting me blogging again, and my Discord communities for supporting me in my renewed energy and focus on fiction writing. I have definitely gotten back far more than I have invested.

I am still a HODL. Especially since I gave up on Apple during an ugly slump and have been slapping myself daily!


Thank you for being one of those nice people on steemit that make all the crypto losses palatable :)

The good thing about 'still being a hodl' is that you can never actually be wrong in it (unless the thing you're hodling goes out of business or something). If you hodl indefinitely, you can always tell yourself 'it'll come back, it's just a short term drop.' Without a time travel machine, you may even be right :)

That said, I'm still hodling because I could never bring myself to sell now, especially after missing those sweet $6 and $9 price points.


It shall rise again, like a Phoenix from the ashes! The question is will we hodl at $6 and $9 the next time around, or will we say, "Fooled me once, shame on you; fooled me twice, shame on me"? Then sell and watch it go to 11 like in Spinal Tap.

lots going on, and only so much time and energy to sort it out, right?


A man's brains are only so big, and can only do so many things. Gotta pick and choose where to put the limited brain cells to work.

That's a gorgeous photo! I'm glad that you keep posting.


Thanks! :)

So, which do you attribute your reaction to: disability or mental illness? ;)