Splinterlands: SPARK PIXIES are Lightning Fast

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🌟It is Weekly Challenge Time🌟


This is my submission in Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge.

This week's theme is SPARK PIXIES


In the Burning Lands, the force of electricity is barely understood; it is considered a form of fire. These small but powerful living sparks bring fire through the natural electricity they carry. They are extremely fast, and as a group, they can burn a village in mere minutes.
SPARK PIXIES are inherently weak but their high speed counters this disadvantage. They have speed of 5 with flying ability right from level 1, making them extremely hard to hit. At level 5, PIXIES become even more dangerous with Stun ability. Since they have flying ability, so they are best suited for Earthquake battle rule. All in all, they can be a nice addition to one's team.


My Entry

This was a 22 mana battle with two battle rules: one, Super Sneak and second, Earthquake. Earthquake rule set was an indicator that there would be no hard hitters like EXPLODING DWARF.

Battle Link


Team Selection and Placement

When the Earthquake battle rule comes in play, I prefer to play with Dragon, Fire or Earth fractions. Since Dragon and Earth fractions are not allowed so I choose to play using MALRIC INFERNO summoner.

I placed LORD ARIANTHUS upfront, because it can sock up every kind of attack and also reflects magic. Perfect low cost card to place up front. Also due to Shield ability, it takes less damage due to Earthquake battle rule. I wish to upgrade it further to level 3 where Thorns ability comes in play making it even more lethal.

On one down position, I placed ELEMENTAL PHOENIX. Magic attack of 3 with Blast, Magic Reflect and Flying ability, makes it a good choice. I choose it basically for it's flying ability.

On third position came the star of the show, SPARK PIXIES. It is especially suited for Earthquake battle rule. I plan on upgrading it to level 5 to also have Stun ability.

On second last position, I placed IMP BOWMAN. Another low cost card with Flying and Piercing abilities.

Furious Chicken_lv3_gold.png
On the very last, I used FURIOUS CHICKEN, since I had card slots left unoccupied. FURIOUS CHICKEN is a perfect candidate for first or last card slot, as it costs nothing and indeed provides small cushion to your team.



This was a quick battle. LORD ARIANTHUS held its ground nicely absorbing damage inflicted by enemy and earthquake. The rest of my team was immune to Earthquake damage and kept attacking.

SPARK PIXIES evaded the sneak attack due to high speed.

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Man. At first glance I would have guessed you would have lost. But Lord A is a beast!