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Hello Splinterlands Lovers,

It is a common perception(even among experienced Splinterland players) that legendaries ensure victory. But having the right combination of monsters for a specific situation and playing by the battle rules is more important than uselessly stuffing the team with bulky hard hitters and legendaries.

A well placed common monsters is far much dangerous than an unnecessary legendary

To prove my point, I am sharing this battle below. I deliberately avoided the legendaries in my team. Lost Legendaries game rule for one player only. It's like fighting with your one hand tied behind you back. With me going with self imposed Lost Legendaries restriction, the enemy used their legendaries to their liking and yet they lost. How Cool!!!


Battle Link

The enemy used two highly upgraded commons(Nectar Queen and Orc Sargent) and two nice legendaries whereas I only used modestly upgraded epics, rares and commons. Despite having a superior team, the enemy lost. Here are the two main reasons of enemy's defeat :

  1. The enemy didn't paid heed to the prevailing battle rules. e.g., Why choose two legendary monsters with healing ability when Healed Out rule is in effect?

  2. The enemy also failed to anticipate my moves. He used zero magic protection and attack and relied totally upon melee and ranged attack. Where as I used monsters with Shield, Magic Reflect, Poison, Stun, Piercing, Scavenger, Inspire, Swiftness, Opportunity and Silence abilities(A perfectly balanced team from offensive and defensive point of view).

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That will be all for today.
Take very good care of yourself and people close to you..
Until next time...

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Dang! That was a beating!
I practically NEVER use legendaries. I mostly forget or am afraid to use that much mana (in lower level battles).
Oh! Your youtube video doesn't work... you probably had copyrighted music in it and They deleted it. I watched through the battle ink. Thanks for including that!

Fixed the youtube video :)

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