Splinterlands Stories Jysael Chapter: The Minotaur of the forest

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A long time ago in splinterlands there was a boy who would become a legend, a pirate song, a fairy tale. This is the story of Jysael Son of the Eternal.


From that day on, Jysael's life changed forever, the boy from Beluruc discovered his truth. He had awakened enormous power days after his mother died as a result of an attack on the streets. But as a famous sage once said, A great power carries a great responsibility and Jysael had to discover all this alone. A young man who never saw his father and had just lost his mother had to face his fate. Learning the truth about his father that only he knows, he began a journey to learn to control his new abilities.


Chapter :The minotaur of the forest

Beluruc is a city that receives many visitors from all the splinterlands. Many of them only spent a couple of days in the city and then left. but there were others who did prefer to stay, all thanks to the growing fame that this city had ... A long time ago when Beleruc was a young city a visitor from Anumün of Giant Grasslands of Primordia arrived at its ports.


Minutaur Warlord

"For hundreds of years, the Minotaurs who inhabit the Giant Grasslands of Primordia have been a simple, tribal race. They have survived on the grasses that surround them and the Dinosaurs they have hunted. Lately, as they have encountered Elves attempting to migrate from Anumün, some Minotaur Chiefs have learned magic. With new abilities, they have developed new ambition, and the Minotaur Warlords may quickly become a powerful force in the Splinterlands.¨



Minotaurs of that time did not have a good reputation. Their ambition had changed since they learned to use magic. But this visitor to Anumün was different, he had gone to Mortis, specifically Beluruc because he wanted to see the other races and species of the splinterlands. Things were not easy for the minotaur, the fame of his species was not very good, but he knew that it was different and he just wanted to live a normal life. This is how, after a while, he managed to erase from all the strange looks, he had become an inhabitant of Beluruc... The forest of the living was the place he chose to live.


Jysael when he was still a child walked the forest of the living in search of adventures that only a child could imagine. One day he met the minotaur, but Jysael did not know him. It was only clear from the fame of these beings. The boy was very scared, something inside told him to run but he just couldn't. Step by step the minotaur approached the little boy, when he was finally in front of him, he gave him an apple and from that day on Jysael had a new friend. The minotaur of the forest of the living.


Currently the minotaur is still in the forest. I never taught jysael the magic that corrupted the ambition of his species. But the minotaur story was very popular, they learned to use magic and Jysael knew it. That Young man from Beluruc who would become a legend that day decided to visit his friend the Minotaur Warlord. He had to learn to use his magic and he would be his guide ...


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