MONSTER GIVEAWAY 3000 DEC+ 1 Boosterpack + 1 Orb + 1 Gold Foil Card + 5 Hive +5 Steem

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I'm felling like a million and I hope you are too. We have reached the end of the month once again and you know what that means, Monster Giveaway time. I will be giving away the six prizes about to 6 different people, sorry no double winners as I want to spread the love. Below will be some simple instructions on how to win each prize. Yesterdays winner of 250 DEC was @handtalk5, congrats my friend. he is a true Steemmonster hustler and is very active in the buying and renting markets. Go give him a follow and some love.

PRIZE 1 - 3000 DEC
Simply up-vote this post.

PRIZE B - Booster Pack -
Simply re-blog this post.

Prize next - ORB
Simply follow (My new project still waiting for approval on steem).

Prize four - Gold Foil Card
Read the simple FAQ below the prizes.

Prize yin and yang - 5 Hive and 5 Steem (two winners)
Comment any question or concerns you have about the new project

Monster-burner Project
Our goal is to increase the value of your investment in Splinterlands' cards by decreasing the supply of certain cards.

Q.How does it work?
A.This will work much like the Steem burn post that was popular a few months ago. A post is created with Splinterlands general information and or the Monster-burner stats daily. All Hive/steem and HBD/SBD earned through these posts will be used to buy Splinterland cards from the community and burn them.

Q.Why burn the cards?
A.Decreasing the total supply of a card will bring up the value/price. If supply is decreased and demand stays constant the value of the card should increase. This is the reason burning cards is an option. This will also work as a balancing tool between supply and demand.

Q.What happens to the DEC from the cards you burn?
A.100% will be used for creating Splinterlands tournaments, create a guild for new players at no cost, project promotions, DEC giveaways, and special events. Running this project on the block chain allows everything to be viewed with 100% transparency.

Q. If I up-vote these burn posts do I receive curation rewards?
A. Yes of course

Q. How can I get more involved?
Good question, besides an up-vote once in a while here are a couple of ways you can go above and beyond. You could set our post to auto up-vote. Add us to a curation trail. Power delegation at some point will help. Re-blogs would be great. Explanation videos or posts of our project along with our tournament and event promotion.

Please reach out to me via discord (threejay) or join the Projects Discord for more information. This project has no affiliation with Splinterlands.



  1. Airdrop will be very soon so get your packs.
  2. Halving event Will be officially announced on May 3 and happen on may 4th
  3. Monster Give away winners will be announced on may 4th for all 6 Prizes
  4. I love you all so be safe.

Quick Tip
The new halfing ability will be a beast and the only counter as of now is the cards with the cleanse ability. You might want to go get your hands on a couple before the price rises.

That is all for today, again winners will be announced and paid on the may 4th. Good luck and stay safe


Upvote - Reblogged - Read the FAQ

I did upvote and resteem.But I don't support burning so that we can be gainer of increasing the price of cards.Many new players have a difficult time building a deck when the join.They look for cheap cards.

I think our goal should not to seek and focus on our own profit but also to include new members to our community and help them thrive.IN that way,we can generate long term value for everyone.

Now,the question I have is:What is the benefit of using the tool you are building,I mean why people should use that particular tool,will it give them more dec?

Most of the DEC goes back to splinterlands to build guilds, and via tournaments(which palyers will be able to earn DEC even new players). The point of the tool is to manage demand and circulation. New players who do not want to build a nice level 2 or 3 deck for $40.00 can rent cards for .001 a day. but if new players are not Joining constantly increasing, there is nothing in place to prevent cards from becoming worthless or .001 cents. Dropping card value so small just to get new players and ignoring all the time and money current players put in seems bad, this will balance the two.

thanks buddy

Feeling the burn! Poor kids who are going to miss out on some cool cards but hey you snooze you lose

haha we are not going to go crazy and get rid of a big percent of any one card, just enough to balance supply and demand. all cards will be bought via the market so hopefully this will also but a chuck of change is the sellers pockets.

Your project will work like this ottermaker?

No because we will be buying cards from the market and burning them and the DEC from the burned cards will go back indirectly into the community. If im not mistaken people sent ottermaker cards and he paid them in DEC plus 5% of the burn rate right? we will be offering market value for cards which is often much higher.

Upvote (Check)
Re-blogged (check)
Read the FAQ (Check)

My opinion? I don't really support this initiative too much (Sorry @threejay hope this doesn't lower my chances of winning :P). I'd admit it seems nice but I feel this will support the whales more than new players who don't spend much. Many people struggle to find the funds to buy new cards in order to upgrade their deck and so this will make it super hard for new people to join. I have seen a couple of new players who have been discouraged from playing the game due to the high costs of maintaining a good deck. This is why I don't exactly like this idea.

Upvoted, resteemed, following and read the FAQ.
Will be there the same account on hive?
How will the cards to be burned be chosen? Small priced cards or amazing cards, like Lord Arianthus? Most players will not like to see the increased prices on the cards they are buying.
I like your idea, but as I am in no need to buy cards, so I have a bias...

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we will let the community decide but we will limit to common cards, one from each splinter excluding Dragon, a neutral common card and a rare once a week. each month we will change the cards

Want to join in this to support splinterlands. Thanks!

cool thank you, the first post should go up within hours

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