Countdown to Untamed - Part 4

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our US-based players, and for those not celebrating the holiday, we hope this post gives you some things to be thankful for as well! In this 4th edition of the Countdown to Untamed series we're stoked to be presenting the first Legendary monster card from the new set!

As always, please keep in mind that everything is still subject to change before the release. This includes the stats, abilities, names, and even the entire card itself.

Presenting: Failed Summoner, Dark Astronomer, Serpent of Eld, Thunderbird, Tortisian Chief, and the Legendary Magnor!

Failed Summoner

The exclusive academy in the Western Wood known as Summoner’s Green cuts ninety percent of its students each year, so there are lots of failed Summoners. Since many of them have nowhere to go, they choose to stay in the Forest, forming into crude groups and families. Many of them are savage and violent.

This academy reject can still use his summoner buff/debuff skills on the battlefield as a monster card. He has a good bit of Health and Magic Reflect in addition to reducing the Melee attack of enemy monsters while increasing the health of friendly monsters. He is a strong card for 2 mana and we expect he will fit well in many Earth splinter teams.

Dark Astronomer

Dark Eternals despise light, so in their astronomy they look to what they call “the darkness between the stars.” They believe astral bodies known as Dark Stars are the only true source of darkness. Dark Eternals also believe that they each will, upon full realization of the Dark Reality, be delivered home to those stars, to the roots of all darkness. Dark Astronomers chart and track the Dark Stars, prescribing meaning to the events of the Splinterlands based on their activity, but they are not to be underestimated, for they have plenty of sly tricks of combat.

The Dark Astronomer will add some nice Ranged attack damage to the Death splinter while Shattering enemies' Armor and Blinding them which reduces their chances of hitting.

Serpent of Eld

This huge and majestic blue serpent was once the ruler of the jungles of Azmaré. Ages ago, he was ousted from the Palace of Eld by a loosely organized band of jungle rebels. The amphibious Serpent retreated into the waters, declaring himself the enemy of all Azmaré souls.

The Serpent of Eld is a decent Water Splinter tank card, with high speed and the Dodge ability he will be hard to hit, and he also Poisons his enemies and returns Ranged attack damage back to them with the Return Fire ability which we mentioned will feature more heavily in Untamed.


The Thunderbirds of Khymeria are small birds that look harmless. However, they each contain a massive store of electrical energy, enough to vaporize a battalion of Goblins in a single, stinky flash.

The Thunderbird is a very strong Epic card for the Life Splinter at only 3 mana. Not only does it Stun opponents, which leaves them vulnerable to the new Knock Out ability, but after it dies it activates the Redemption ability which does 2 Melee damage to all ennemy monsters!

Tortisian Chief

Most of the Totisians (turtle people) live in Azmaré, but there are many wandering clans looking for new homes throughout the Splinterlands as well. Each of these groups is led by a Chief who wears a silver crown and carries a large scepter. Tortisian Chiefs hold their power by their skills in combat; they must stand up to frequent challengers from within the tribe.

The Tortisian Chief is the first Neutral card with the Tank Heal ability. He can be a great option for Fire and Death Splinter teams which typically lack healing, but he can also contribute in most any situation with his Magic attack.


Magnor is a remainder of the Titans and Giants that used to thrive in the Splinterlands, before nearly all of them destroyed themselves through war. He resembles a Human, but stands about fifteen feet tall with far greater strength and more durable flesh. Several hundred years ago, Magnor retreated from the public eye to tend the rivers and dams of lava that are always flowing beneath Molten Mountains. Without Magnor's constant and diligent maintenance of the lava, many of the great Ferexia cave cities would have collapsed long ago.

We're excited to present the first Legendary monster from the new Untamed series - Magnor! As you can see, he is a 10 mana cost monster of a monster card. He has Taunt which means all enemy monsters will target him when able (I mean he's so big it's kind of hard not to target will be pretty embarrassing when a monster misses with a melee/ranged attack though!)

He also has Enrage, Trample, and Return Fire, so he's going to really tear through his enemies when he gets mad!

Finally, we'll let everyone know that ALL of the non-Dragon splinter Legendary monster cards in Untamed will cost 10 mana. This makes them really feel "Legendary" and they will be essential for high or unlimited mana cap games. We hope you like them!

Special thanks to @carrieallen and @chrisroberts for designing all of the new Untamed cards and the associated lore!

Stay tuned for more updates from the Splinterlands!

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I like that all new legendaries are requiring 10 mana to summon. This is normal, as currently we have too many games with legendaries. I expect that this will increase the price of all other legendaries ...

@tipu curate

Finally, we'll let everyone know that ALL of the non-Dragon splinter Legendary monster cards in Untamed will cost 10 mana.

Let the run on legendary Alpha/Beta cards begin!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looks like some fun cards to play with in the future. Love the artwork on Magnor. The cards themselves have a nice design as well.

Patiently waiting for the release on Saturday.

Failed Summoner

Very useful card, but the doom for the Fallen Specter even in his last refuge: Little League matches.

These are nice cards, I love Failed Summoner already, feel I would use it a lot if I got the card.

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