SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Win Upvotes!

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Not feeling so creative? But you've been battling your heart out?!

This challenge is for you!

Each week we'll have a new THEME for the challenge, but always required: BATTLES.



Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: RARE
Element: WATER
Current Trade Value: $0.037

Note from Carrie: I wanted to do an under-valued RARE this week. I feel like just looking at this guy he packs a punch... but maybe no one has noticed yet. Yes, he's spendy, but he starts with DODGE and at level 5 gets RETURN STRIKE. Show me his power! Alternately, are there other cards you prefer over this one for similar rulesets? Now go! Play! Have fun!

  • Create a post sharing a video of one of your battles using the SERPENT OF ELD.
    • Make it look good. With more folks creating content you REALLY need to make your posts look GREAT. Need help formatting? Check out this ULTIMATE MARKDOWN TUTORIAL
    • Want card images by level to really make your posts shine? Check out this POST from @splinterlands showing you how!
    • Tag splinterlands and spt.
  • Tell us about your lineup. Explain why you put each card in that position and why the SERPENT OF ELD is a good fit for the ruleset.
  • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?
  • Do you use the SERPENT OF ELD often? Why or why not?
  • Share your post to some OTHER Social Media site. Literally ANY site. (We want more people to know the joy of playing!)
  • Link BOTH your STEEM post and the social media site you shared it to in the comment section below.

DEADLINE TO ENTER EACH WEEK: Before the current post pays out. SHARE YOUR BATTLE CHALLENGE will be posted every Monday.


  • UPVOTES! ALL participants who follow ALL rules will be given an upvote from the @steemmonsters account.
    Please note: With more and more people entering upvote percentages are dropping to be able to simply give out more. Don't be sad if you get a lesser upvote than before! Do remember to UPVOTE our posts so we can build more SP (which will eventually be combined with the @steemmonsters account where voting is done).

Change to Voting Quantity

Also added to the Weekly Share Your Post - Social Media Challenge.
From now on you can get a MAX of 2 upvotes per week (unless you create something amazing). I've been spreading out the votes as much as I can and giving EVERYONE a vote if they follow the basic rules above, but am finding a lot of people doing the bare minimum. I will now be looking for HIGH-QUALITY POSTS (I was always looking for these) and instead of an auto upvote just for entering I'll likely suggest how to make your post better to earn that upvote. Don't forget to SHARE across social media!

🐲Highlights from the Week 🐲

Need examples of high-quality posts? Or some better strategies to help you win? Here they are!

Have you been cubed? by @revisesociologyTHE CUBE 🧊 by @madgolI love this Cube so much! – Full Battle Analysys by @marianaemilia
Battle Share- Gelatinous Cube by @reeta0119The immortal Cube by @darthgexeGELATINOUS CUBE by @moeenali
You will be so JELLY after you watch this battle!!! My Splinterlands Journey #21 by @silversaver888Here is a solid card, Gelatinous Cube !!! by @mad-runnerGilat.. Gellit.. Jelat.... Should have just called it an ice cube and been done with it by @welshstacker
🔮Gelatinous Cube🔮 by @dexpartacusA transparent cube of gelatinous ooze by @xawiMy Weekly Battle - The Gelatinous Cube Challenge by @road2horizon
Gelatinous Cube In Action - Splinterlands by @mistakiliWho needs Lord A. when you have CUBE? High mana match by @kreur

Places to learn more, connect and play!

SPLINTERLORE Website: It's lore galore!

SPLINTERLANDS/STEEM MONSTERS BLOG: Where you'll find all the updates. GET IN THE GAME!


Hello, AMAZING peeps!!!! Enjoy this battle, my entry for this week!

And I shared it on Facebook account:

THANK YOU, and be safe

Greetings great team! I didn't know they do this kind of challenge for weeks. Here I share my participation this week. A strong psychological hug.

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Ohhhh yeahhhhh Time for water element