SERPENT OF ELD 🐍 and the Miss! strategy

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Hello everyone,

stimulant challenge this week with Serpent of Eld 🐍.

Serpent of Eld is a rare untamed card. Actually, water splinter has several nice tanks so it is quite rare to see the serpent in action. But it is unexpectedly useful in some situations.

Card analysis

Attack 4 Melee, Poison, Return fire.

Defense Fast & Dodge, Armor + decent health, No void/shield

It's clear that this serpent is lethal against melee and ranged, but has a great weakness in magical opponents.

Card usage

Actually, I'm pretty shure that Serpent of Eld is relative to Serpentine soldier, maybe cousin... They have really similar usage I think: low/medium mana LOST MAGIC matches.

In this kind of situation the tactic is simple: avoid as much attacks as possible and resist poisoning and return firing the opponents. The following (non magical) cards are really useful in this way:

  • Blind reduces the probability of a hit on our tank
  • Tank heal + Repair recovers our tank defensive values
  • Protect enhance armor to everyone
  • Opportunity kills the opposite archery return fired

The Match ⚔️🛡️

I tried to apply this strategy to the first Lost Magic match assigned. Actually, it is quite unusual to have one!
I also couldn't play with my freshly bought tortisian fighter because it was in cooldown.

League: Diamond I 💎
Armored up + Lost Magic
Mana cap: 34

34 mana is quite high for the serpentine so I decided to add also a cube in second position and the inspiring sniper to boost the serpent and the opportunity monster. Here the match, and this is the lineup:

The startup

..Quite frightening that gobin mech!

Let's start! 🎬

Round 1 - My Squid gets compromised by the assassin, the serpent gets stunned but Miss! .. and again Miss!

Round 2 - Miss! The squid dies, but also the opposite goblin mech is compromised, and Miss!

Round 3 - Again double crucial Miss! Miss!! And the goblin mech is gone!

Round 4 to 7 - Few monster remained, his slooooow slug tries to kill my serpent, but Miss!, Miss!, Miss! and Miss!!

Round 8 - The serpent gets poisoned and is trudging

Round 9 - The serpent dies, standing ovation for him. 👏👏🏻👏🏽👏🏿👏🏼👏🏾

Round 10 to 23 - The cube wins by fatigue!

What an amazing match that made the serpent's talent spark! Here the dedicated cam:

Serpent's cam

Some one can say what a lucky win but actually it's not luck. The crucial point in my opinion is that with magic out of the game, speed matters most of all and combined with Blind and Dodge makes the difference.

That's all! Cheers!

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Your play-by-play was so exciting!

I've seen several battles now where the Eld just destroys the Goblin Mech, who yes, is very scary to see opposite you in battle.

The sheer speed along with dodge makes it seems like the Eld can avaide any attack! And then! To place the Cube as a 2nd. Your opponent had no choice.

I would LOVE to be able to WATCH to battle. You should include if only for my enjoyment.😉

Oh no! I forgot to link the battle! Here it is, now I add it to the post.
Thank you!

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