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Day 4! Only one and a half more to go! We got some real bangers today! Stay stuned.


INSANE! That is the first thing you should think when you see this card. This Failed Summoner, did not fail in my eyes! Oh man, lets get into it. For just two mana, you get 9 HP (10 with the buff) which means this card has a whooping 5 HP per mana spent.
At this point I would like you to look at what I said yesterday about the battle orca:

ITS NOT JUST A FISH OR AN ORCA. Its an Battle Orca. An Orca that does battle! Okay, so this the newest card for the water splinter, meant as a cheap tank/frontliner. Its the best mana to HP ratio you can get in this splinter, so its a good option for back to basics, or against magic units, when you might not want to use the turtle. The Orca can also hit back! 4 dmg is really good for three mana. This card is good in all leagues, starting from silver you get 2 dmg 4 speed and 6 HP for just 3 mana. Thats really good! I think its easy to think this card is bad, just becouse it has no ability, but this is a cheaper mountain giant that can attack! Of course if you just want HP, mountain giant is still better. Pretty happy to see that the good Pirate Archer got replaced by another amazing water card!


Turtle is still way better in non b2b rulesets, and against melee attackers. But the orca is better against magic.


So the peaceful giant has a much better HP to mana ratio, if youre just looking for HP.
You get 3.4 HP per mana spent at max lvl, but a max lvl giant would cost you around 117$+ and that is if you could get 505 copies for the current price of 0.23$.
Orca gives you 2.66 HP per mana on max lvl. While that is worse, let us compare that to a lower lvl giant.A level six giant (52BCX) is 13 HP, which makes it 2.6 HP per mana. So the orca is better for a HP to mana ratio, unless you can get a lvl 7 giant.
AND the Orca can attack aswell. Dont sleep on this fish!

Okay, now we're all up to date. So going by what I said yesterday, this card is insane for the HP ratio alone. But it comes with magic reflect, demoralize and strenghten aswell! Its only weakness is, that it cannot attack.


So far the only magic reflect in earth was from the Minotauer Warlord. Playing the Failed Summoner in the 2nd slot to absorg some snipe and blast hits, while reflecting magic should be very good.



The Dark Astronomer is a solid ranged unit, in some cases.


If you want the shatter effect then the Undead Archer is way cheaper, and only has one less attack. Same speed, same HP, and the archer comes with affliction aswell.


If you want the ranged dmg, then the highland archer offers the same dmg, HP and even one more speed for one less mana.

Now, when IS the Astronomers good? Well, if you have the mana to spare anyway, then you should use this card instead, since he also comes with the blind ability, which makes your enemies more likely to miss.



While Im not the biggest fan of this artwork, the card itself is pretty good. This is a "speedy tank" if you will, his strenght is his speed together with the dodge ability, so slower foes should have a hard time hitting him. He also comes with the offensive poison ability, aswell as with return fire to reflect some ranged damage.


While it has less HP than the sea monster, it might even be tankier, due to the fact that this card has armor, and armor absorbs the whole attack. (Unless the attacking creature has pierce)

The Serpent also gets to his max speed and dmg by lvl three and four, which means that it should be really strong in silver league. We might see some Daria + Manticore + Serpent now, instead of the sea monster.



Dear god, please hold me.

This birdie is a POWERHOUSE. For just three mana, you get two ranged dmg, the stun ability and the new redemption ability. As a refresher, units with redemption that die, deal 2 melee dmg to every enemy.
You got many options with this bird, do you play it in the 2nd slot as a snipe bait or in the last slot as sneak bait to trigger its redemption? Or do you use it in a safe space to stun more targets?
I expect to see this card in ALMOST ALL life games that allow for it to be used.

The bird also works amazingly with the other new life card:





Thats a weird turtle.

Let me first compare this card to two other cards.


The Spirit Miner got revealed yesterday as a new reward card.


If youve read my post from yesterday, you will know that I said the Spirit Miner might be used over Magi Sphinx. And now we got another card, that can be used instead of her!
We have some solid neutral units magic users now!

But yes, I havent forgotten the most important fact, the turtle also comes with tank heal, that means that every splinter has an easy access to tank heal now. I suspect the card be valueable for that alone. But it is also a really solid magic dmg dealer! Just be careful to not run him into too much reflect!



Now, this is just a titan from world of warcraft. ಠ_ಠ
This card is a BEAST and worth every single mana you spent for it, my god.
Let me first talk about this card in novive - silver 1 league terms.
Most cards in these league have around 1-2 dmg, having 3 is really rare. This card, sorry MONSTER has 13-14 HP in these leagues, with taunt. Aswell as FOUR attack. Yes it is ten mana, in games where its 18+ mana, this card would murder the competition.

Now, from Gold-Champion this card is slighty, but only slighty weaker, as doing 15 dmg becomes easier. But its still 15 HP which needs to be killer, since it has taunt. He also has six dmg, which will increase with enrage. And if he ever gets to kill someone, he will probably just kill another unit thanks to trample.
This is a wonderful unit to pair up with a few rust ability users, you dont want annoying armor to stand in his way.

Oh yea, he also gets return fire on max lvl, thats another nice to have!



Did you guys notice? Even tho the fire splinter base summoner gives melee dmg, both legendaries so have havent had melee dmg, just something weird I noticed :p

We also got this piece of imformation with the offical post. This should mean that all the legendaries should be somewhat useable! And if todays legendary is anything to go by, then the others are probably amazing!


So, this happened today.


Beeing first teased by @rafalski and then posted by @j6969 in the offical discord, this seems to be the new dragon summoner, that is replacing Archemage Arius in the mystery potions.

But this is very likely.

Now, lets talk about this card. Its insane. Like think of the card that annoys you the most in the game, that you feel is OP, maybe its Lord Arianthus? This card is even more OP.

If this card had no buffs for the team it would still be insane. Getting access to the dragon splinter for just two mana is bongers. You can use their powerful monsters and save mana on the summoner. And the buff, +1 HP works on all monsters of your team aswell, so thats great.

I can hear Lyanna Natura crying somewhere in the forest.

Now, the problem with this card is, that there will only be 90 copies. So most of you wont ever get one or play against one. But if you do get one, then why would you ever use Lyanna again, unless you want to do the earth quest?

I for one will start to buy mystery potions as soon as this card enters them.

Another update about mystery potions from the discord:

I asked @yabapmatt if they would update the pots to include untamed pack drops, and he said "yes". So were to assume that once they update them with Julian, you then will also be able to get untamed packs from them.



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