UNTAMED Preview Discussion #1 - Let's get hyped!

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Alright people! This is not a test, we got real previews, with real stats!

They are still subject to change, so dont get too hype.
(But lets be real, get hyped!)


Lets look at these cards in the same order as the official post! So were starting with the newest Death Splinter card "Cursed Slimeball". And oh boi, he will be a curse of your enemies for sure! From the five cards shown today I think he will be the strongest. Having access to strong cards for low amounts of mana already was a strenght of this splinter, and this is another amazing addition.
I think this card can be played in almost every game, except in higher manacap games and the new unlimited manacap, where you need the slot for the stronger card.
The new ability redemption triggers on the death of this card to deal 2 melee dmg to every enemy monsters. So kinda like earthquake. That means the more targets it hits the more valueable it is.
You can use it as a sneak-bomb, a frontline meatshield that does dmg, or just in any spot with the melee sneak or the melee mayham rulesets.

Now the only question is, will the other new Death Splinter cards together with this amazing slime be enough to bring the splinter back into the meta?



One round of applause please! We have a card that worth playing over Lord A. WOAH. That should already tell you that this card is strong.
Sporting 13 effective HP already on lvl one is pretty insane, and he need it, becouse he will get targeted by basicly all attacks, becouse of his new taunt ability. Even from sneak/snipe and opportunity cards.

At level five he gains shield and at lvl eight return fire, this makes him an amazing physical tank. His only weakness is magic damage. But card is a TITAN in the weak magic ruleset and a must use in higher manacap games and in unlimited mana games.

lord a.JPG

While Lord A still is the better magic tank and cheaper, the Shieldbearer is some nice competition.

I just yesterday talked about Angel of Light, and how it could become much better with UNTAMED, and would you look at that, she is now. If you have a Shieldbearer in the tank slot and a Angel of Light somehwere else during a Weak Magic ruleset game, you revive the Shieldbearer again, and the enemies are forced to target him once more.
Its slightly weaker in other rulesets, becouse a single magic dmg can kill him again.

angel of light.JPG



Talking about high manacap and unilimited mana games, say hello to the Mad Pyromaniac! An insane glass cannon! Hes the 2nd ranged sneak unit of the game so far, and gets blast at lvl five. That makes him a real threat, and as the offical post alreasy states, you kinda need a unit with return fire in the back line.

But theres a problem.

miinotauer warlord.JPG

red dragon.JPG

Right now there are only two cards with the return fire ability, with the Shieldbearer beeing the third. Lets hope there will be a few more, so that every splinter has access to it, otherwise the Pyromaniac will go on a killing spree!

Your other options to kill it are to use sneak/snipe/opportunity to try and kill it fast. If the fire splinter gets access to the protect ability, then this card would be even better.

This is also the third blast unit in fire. You can use this card in rulesets where sneak is disabled just wreck the frontlines together with Fire Demon and Phoenix.

fire demon.JPG




Next up we have the Feasting Seaweed, the second unit with opportunity we know of. Starting out the stats are bad for a four mana card, if you compare it to the dragon splinters harpy it looks weak.


But the important thing here is not to use one or the other, but both at the same time! That would mean you have two amazing monsters that seek out the weakest enemies and finish them off, making the Seaweed tankier.

I can see people starting to use this card in place of the Sabred Shark.


While the Shark costs one less mana, has more speed, and has one more HP at max lvl, the fact that sneak isnt as good as opportunity still stands. So it will have to be seen what happens to it.



The last new card we got shown today is the Sporcerer, which honestly, is just an amazing name.
He comes with a new ability called "rust" that removes/destroys up to 2 armor of every enemy monsters. So its a counter to the life splinter or the protect ability. We dont know yet, if it removes the armor comeplety or only reduced it to 1 as is the case with demoralize/headwinds/silence. We also do not know yet if the armor is returned once the card dies.

His other abilities are silence and affliction, this is the 2nd silence and 2nd affliction for the earth splinter.
Im pretty sure that in most cases the Sporcerer will be better than the Mushroom Seer, not only do they look similar, they also have very similar stats and abilities. Mushroom Seer was mostly used for his silence, his poison is a big RNG factor.
I see people using Sporcerer for the silence instead now, as it has two other great abilities aswell.

mushroom seer.JPG

Thats it for today! Until tomorrow! I cant wait for the next five cards to be revealed!



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Great preview, thanks for sharing your take on this first batch of UNTAMED cards!

@tipu curate 3 :)

Thanks for the support! <3

Really a Well Done Post Pointing Out the Comparisons with existing Monsters and some of The New Untamed Monsters and showing how the will be helpful depending on the Rule Sets.@shyaren

Thanks :)

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This is also the third blast unit in fire.

You forgot about Exploding Dwarf! :P

Oh.... 🙈🙈🙈

Love your splinterland posts man! Keep it up! Btw are you on discord or telegram? Whats your username there? Would want to ask you something if you dont mind.

Are you in the offical discord? I use the same name there. Just tag @shyaren in discord!

yes i am buddy! will DM you! :)