Bonus UNTAMED Preview Discussion: There be spoilers inside!

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So, this was a surprise! Im back already!

So apparantly @rafalski has access to all the new UNTAMED cards now, I guess hes a blockchain wizzard or something.
He offered to give some to me to do a spoilery preview for! I didnt want to take any legendaries or summoners, since they should stay a surprise, or maybe @steemmonsters want to post them. So I asked him for one common, one of each splinter!
And now were gonna talk about them!

The offical posts say this, but Im saying this here again:

This is even more subject to change, then it is, when its officialy posted! Take this with a grain of salt and lets have some fun! :)



Biceratops is a 4 mana frontline tanky unit for the earth splinter! Did you ever thing that you would like to use Spineback Turtle in all the splinters? Well it looks like UNTAMED is making that wish true, at least for some of the splinters!


The dino is basicly a bit weaker version of the turtle. But since this is a different splinter, thats fine. The earth splinter did not really have a little league tank yet, and this one should fill that spot perfectly! It is to note, that it only gains thorns in the gold league, so it isnt as good in silver.


cave slug.JPG

Cave Slug is a 5 mana life splinter card, thats pretty amazing! Its only downside is the speed, which is mostly at one. But this card is gonna be a beast in reverse speed!
Starting at lvl one you get an opportunity unit with 3 dmg, which goes up to 4.
This card is also really tanky, so you can use it as an "off-tank" in the 2nd spot. Its max HP is seven, but since it has the new scevenger ability, it will gain an additional HP everytime any creature dies. R.I.P. chickens. And it gets slow at lvl ten, slow is always nice to have! Although slow is bad for you in reverse speed, so you might only want to keeep a lvl nine version.


There arent really any cards in the life splinter to compare it do, but you could use it instead of the Feral Spirit in higher mana games, while the card is much slower, it is way tankier. Or you can use them together!


giant scorpion.JPG

Giant Scorpion is a 4 mana death monster, which, wouldnt you know, is really similar to a certain turtle!
I told you, turtles for everyone!


It has less HP and armor than our trusty turtleboi, but comes with poison at the max level.
The Death splinter already has animated corpsee and Skeletal Warrior as little league tanks, but this one can be used in the place of the corpse against physical users.

Its stats are also really similar to the spineback wolf.



tortisan fighter.JPG

Next up we have the Tortisian Fighter for 4 mana. This card is in a weird spot, in theory its a physical tank that can restore its own armor, but I feel like most people would still use our trusty spineback turtle.
Lots of turtle talk, what is this?!
I think this card could rather be used in a non-frontline spot to restore armor via repair.


Spineback should still be better in most cases, thorns does help a lot. The Tortisian fighter would be better in games where the enemy has lots of smaller hitting physical dmg dealers, since shield would reduce it or even nullify it.

The other repair unit in the game is in the life splinter:


If we value just the repair ability, then paying 2 mana for it, is obviously better. But some splinters have to pay a premium to get access to certain abilities, so thats fine.


serpentine spy.JPG

Sepentine Spy (or ninja lol) is a 3 mana opportunity unit for the fire splinter.
Having 2 dmg from level one is really good, but that comes with a price, the card has very little HP, it starts at only one, and the max is three. DMG wise this is a super good deal, getting up to four dmg with six speed and the poison ability at max level should make for an amazing assasin.
Since this is the fire splinter, you can even buff that dmg to potentialy one shot the targets. Remember, opportunity targets the enemy with the lowest HP.


DMG and speed wise the Spy is better than harpy, but instead of replacing each other, I see people using them together.

The spy has a good shot to replace the Kobold Miner in a few decks.


That said, the Miner is an amazing deal for two mana, and it has double the HP of the spy. I can see people using all three of these units together.



Mantoid is a 6 mana neutral ranged unit. We know have two neutral snipe units, which means most/all splinters have access to three snipe units now, if they wanted. The Mantoid is an overall good unit, it has good dmg, speed and HP. Besides snipe it also comes with the new snare ability starting at lvl six.

I would compare it to the Centauer and the Cyclops.


If you need a cheaper snipe unit then the Centauer is the obvious choice, but if you have more mana to spare, or want to use both, then the Mantoid will be used.


Cyclops is the other neutral ranged unit for 6 mana, but they both fufill different roles, the Cyclops is a frontline attacking stun unit, who can be used as a sneak protector thanks to his shield ability, while the Mantoid is a fast snipe unit.


Thats all for this bonus sneaky spoiler preview! Thanks again to @rafalski for giving me the card art and the stats.



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Awesome. When I went to sleep last night, I knew some of the cards rafalski found would be published by the time I'd wake up. And here we are. Thanks!

One more day... we're getting really close now :0)

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excellent analysis... love the cards and the buzz that is being created too :D

Great post!!!