🤣 ON IT! One neglected family coming up!

lol. ah they will get used to it

I play while feeding babies. Zero guilt.
A feed takes about the same time as as easy daily quest.
Just made Diamond I for the first time.

hahaha, congrats! Think i'll stick around in diamond for awhile - maybe a few years / decades. Prob see you there:)


Surprisingly addictive isn't it?

Sometimes the daily quests take me over an hour - hopefully this will not be looked back on as a total time sink!

As long as you can sell dem reward cards for a nickel, you gettin paid bro!

Damn right, and don't forget the DEC coming in each game too. Which reminds me, i need to get on it :)

yep! So what is the easiest / quickest time of day to play? wheres the weak player timeslot?

I find early afternoon our time is the sweet spot.

ah, i think i have noticed that also. As long as your not playing at the same time, i should be ok then :)

I didn't make Champion at all this time around. Going to have to change my avatar until I earn it back. Top effort, btw.

matt my son Joshua has been playing on @jobere account and i have now set him up with his own account @joshuam. can he join the guild? . i would transfer 40k of dec today to league

he is 7 and between the two of us we placed 3rd in our first tournament ever yesterday lol

Absolutely he can. Have him apply and I'll approve it :)

Hey @mattclarke, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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No idea, there are lots of bots going 24/7.

I only play a small time slot due to work and sleep and the biggest factor for me is which splinter is in play for the daily quest.

I think my mana is at 100% and it’ll be 12 hours before I get another game in 🙈

Slowly following that plan! 😂 But still haven't made it past diamond I. Hoping that changes in the near future!

lol, gets harder and harder. wish you luck :)

Oh congrats! Good timing! You definitely spent some coin!

From here you'll start pulling 4500 players and get slaughtered like me. :-)

lol, i cant wait. I didn't realize how tough it can be. Thought i could bully my way to victory, but nope!

My main motivation was not to fall back to gold, kinda like diamond :)

When you figure out the secret sauce to get into Champ II, let me know! lol

I know what you mean about addicting! Between SteemMonsters and BROsino poker tournaments - I don't know how I find time to eat, lol. Getting started and learning all these monsters and magics and melees is driving me crazy. Can't afford to buy a shit load of cards so I'm grinding away and hoping for some decent cards in a few hours!

Haven't played BRosino, not sure it would be a good move, wife's already screaming / singing - what about me it isn't

keep up the grind :)

I bought cards when they came out but never played. I don't know if I have the mental bandwidth to get involved. Ive never played a game like this.

it's like eating corn chips. You can do without but once you start............ :)

I better not then lol. I need to learn what to do with the cards.

Sounds about right to me .. LOL!

haha, too busy trying to make champion again to respond you you properly :)

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hahaha I've realized that you really like that game, hahaha
One day I will ask you to explain to me how to play...

lol. only started playing it a few months back. figured i needed to be part of it ;)

Splinterland is additive and I keep on playing for hours. Daily quest is fun but takes hours of time to complete 5 win.

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need more time in the day, or a bot to play for us:)

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