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Since I began playing Splinterlands few months ago there is one thing I still trying (invaine) to accept:

Why combined cards are cheaper than single BCX ?

It's a pretty common situation: if we look at the market we see that cards are listed like this:
Sacred unicorn listings

Here a MAXED-UP Sacred Unicord is sold at 14.20 (1.29$/BCX) while the cheapest single BCX is at 1.90$. About 30% of discount.


Maxed out cards has a 5% burning bonus and it takes time to collect a set of cheap single bcx to combine..

Well, of course there is an explanation:

  • Market do the price. More sellers than buyers means prices go down. Not everyone in the game needs a maxed card, so the deal is "take all BCX in one single bunch and I will do a discount". Pretty classical.
  • Card combining is an irreversible operation. So a single BCX is a 'virgin' card so apparently more valuable.

But I think this situation will not last. At the moment we are few thousands players in Splinterlands and the most profitable way of playing is by farming with low level monsters. I think that about 500 players use maxed out cards.

At the moment there are about 3200 Sacred unicorns out there, for a total of 8100 BCX. Assuming of combining them all we obtain about 700 maxed out cards and this number can only decrease.

Now suppose that this game has a future. Some modifications and new feature will happen and more players will came and some of them will want to max their decks.

What will happen?

I think the situation will revert. Maxed monsters (mostly the strong ones, of course) will be pretty rare and way more expensive.

I think the interface of market section on the website should also change in order to better distinct the type of card (combined or single-bcx)

Time will reveal ⌛

Comment below if you agree or if you think I wrote nonsense :)

Stay safe!

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I think you're right. Not many play with maxed decks compared to others... yet.
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