Splinterlands fast judgment 🏹 Javelin Thrower

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Hi there!

This week challenge is about: JAVELIN THROWER 🏹

Really nice general purpose reward card.

For shure it has happened to every one to have Exploding Dwarf suddenly sadly killed before he can ever breath.. well It happened to me several times: well this thrower were mostly the cause.

Let' see its caracteristics! 🤓

Card analysis

5 mana, high piercing ranged attack and high speed. Good defense: 6 health + Dodge.

We put her in the olympus of Fast and Dodged ranged monsters, together with some beta amazing elemental:

Let's see its abilities more in depth:

Since several armored tank has less than 4 armor (i.e. protected tanks) and since the thorower will always attack as first, this ability allow her to use all ranged attack. Really nice!

When targeted by ranged or melee attacks, she has a 25% chance of missing them, to be added to the missing chance given by speed deltas.

Card usage

I'll keep it simple: ALWAYS !!

The thrower is always a good choise in normal rule sets (so exclude reverse speed, earthquake and other obvious rule sets)

In particular is perfect as an armor-remover for our strong not-piercing tank. Infact, too often happens to waste a high melee attack on a low armor.

The Match ⚔️🛡️

To demonstrate my thesis of an extremely versatile card, I used her in an unusual match for this kind of card: EARTHQUAKE!

ZAKUUUU!!!! 😨😨

I found myself against Zaku summoner in a blasting sniping lineup. So strong! Fortunately some cards where not maxed out (in that case, honestly, I would have no chances).

Let's see the match!

Round 1 👍

Javelin removed in one shot the puppy placed as a tank then Pixies attacked but where return fired and then killed by the Vulture. Then the snipers, damn, so strong.. Hit half of my team!!
Then healthquake.

Round 2 ✌️

Javelin hit and than MISSED (55% probability) the second sniper attack!! DECISIVE! Also Nectar queen missed some attack, then Earthquake: Javeline dies.

Round 3 🤟

Now is a game of speedy-flying against slow-notflying: EASY! 😎

Round 4 🖖

Vulture and Queen finish the job 👏👏

Pretty amazing result I think! The Javelin where essential and used all of its skills, both offensive than defensive!

Thanks for reading, cheers!

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