MANTICORE traumas 🦁

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Hi there!

Today I have a really nice battle to share with you. Hope you will have fun!

Theme of the week for Share your battle challenge is: THE MANTICORE 🦁, a powerful dragon card usable in almost every situation as a support of a tank.

Card analysis

Little league card here. Costs 4 mana and has good melee damage, average speed, high health: strong stats for a "reach" monster. The health is high enough to absorb at least 2 turns of blasting attacks and it is pretty solid also against retaliate monsters, giving 3 damage + thorns.

Card usage

We are used to see Manticore in action since lower leagues, paired with its other rewards friends in this pretty classic and over-used 5$ lineup:

In higher level leagues Manticore remains a versatile card, good in almost every situation, but mostly in the following rule sets:

The Match ⚔️🛡️

In the battle I share today we will not have heartquake and neither little league, but Manticore will have a key role in determining the outcome of the match (spoiler!).

League: Diamond I 💎
Healed out + Even Stevens
Mana cap: 26

I think this is a pretty generic game. With almost all splinters allowed we would have a lot of possible tactics, but with healed out rule set I usually prefer to use the non-healing splinters: fire or death.

Moreover with no healing and no odd monsters we have not to worry about the annoying shield + heal tactic (often used with LA) and who attacks first has a strong advantage.

So I decided for the tactic:

🔨smash my opponent in the front with a fast & huge attack 🔨

..hoping to kill enemy tank before he can realize the battle is started!


OK. Totally unexpected lineup from my opponent. I thought to find more mana in his tank. But ok, let's play!


My ranged attackers done well removing armor from skeletal warrior, then my weakened Magnor smashed him. Yes I would be happier to find a Bone Golem or some other big tank under his foot... But ok.. We have killed the skeleton and now wait for the trample.... Here we...

Please a minute of silence for my footy tank.😭

Nothing more to add, the battle goes on and I get defeated quite fast.

In a parallel universe (with 75% of probability) My Magnor is smashing the Manticore, then dies under the last attack of the phantom soldier and is my Manticore to be in the spotlight.

Lesson learned!

New to Splinterlands? Sign up and enjoy!


Nothing more to add, the battle goes on and I get defeated quite fast.

Familiar situation. I have played 3347 battles so far, but I won only 1647 (49.20%) from them. A little bit less than (or almost) the half of it. The "best" battles were when the game brought level 5 summoners and monsters against my level 1 summoners and monsters. Those situations brought the fastest defeats. Lately I started upgrading my cards. Now I have one level 2 summoner (Drake of Arnak), and a few other level 2-3 monsters.

Thanks for the reply. Keep on upgrading the cards and you will enjoy even more the game ;)

What a great battle! I love Magnor too! ~@clove71

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