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The Furious Chicken is the most talked about card amongst the newly released Rewards cards. Being a Rare Neutral card that costs 0 mana, this card is a must used in almost every match. Here, I want to introduce some strategy for this chicken. Do share with me other strategies that you are using too.

As a Tank

The most straight forward use of Furious Chicken is placing him at the front, to absorb the first attacks by your opponent. Especially useful when facing speedy opponents like Fire, you can easily waste one melee attack for your opponent. In Reverse Speed, the Chicken might even have a chance to evade an attack!


However, if you have a smart opponent and under certain specific ruleset, this placement might backfire. Your opponent could build a Team that doesn't have a Tank attacker and focus on Snipe or Sneak, eg placing AOL or Peaceful Giant as Tank. Any other melee attacker that you place behind the Chicken will be rendered useless as they are waiting for the Chicken to die.

As a Non-Melee to attract Snipe

I think it is a good idea to keep a level 1 Furious Chicken in your deck. At this level, the Chicken doesn't have melee attack and becomes snipeable. Placing this card behind your melee attackers and in front of your first Ranged/Magic monster, so your opponent Snipers will attack it. This is extremely useful if you know your opponent will use Earth splinter, or under the Target Practice ruleset.

As the last card

Life splinter is getting more and more popular and so is Double Sneak. Placing a 0 mana Furious Chicken at the back makes perfect sense in almost all ruleset. With shield, your chicken is going to waste one complete Round for your opponent.

I can already imagine seeing Furious Chicken as the last card in every Super Sneak, Broken Arrow, and especially Reverse Speed.

Any other position

Not the front or back? The Furious Chicken is equally useful when placed in any position in your team. When you have an empty slot available, just put the Chicken there to absorb at least one attack from your opponent.

Important factors to consider

When using the Furious Chicken, it is important to consider some of the below to maximise your team potential.


By placing Chicken at the front, you are waiting for it to die before your next Melee monster can take its place to attack. Imagine your Melee monster has a speed of 6 and your opponent's first monster has a speed of 3. This essentially means that your Melee monster is going to miss one Round while waiting for the Chicken to die. In some cases, this might not be favourable. So my suggestion is to only use this placement if your Melee monster is not a particularly speedy one.

Resurrection by Angel of Light

When used with Life team, be extremely careful not to place the Chicken in a vulnerable position where it is likely to die first. You don't want your AOL to waste her Resurrection on the Chicken. My suggestion is to never place Chicken at the First or Last position when using AOL.

Do you have any other strategy for Furious Chicken? Do share with me here!


You forgot the position: Before the first ranged attacker.
Ranged attackers are useless in offense when reaching the tank spot. The chicken may allow for a buffer and grant them an extra attack round after melee and magic creatures have died.

Edit: just realized it is in there, but with a different reason for the placement (Attracting snipe)

Yup, for your reason is great too! Let the chicken cushion one more attack for your ranged monster.

I have a gold one and it killed a hydra in the end, LOL! Great post!! :-)

What!? That is crazy! A chicken killing a nine headed dragon. Must be hilarious lol

Thanj you for such cool tips!

Hope it helps!

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I have noticed people using the furious chicken and had been confused by their decision to play this card and waste their limited mana . Reading your post it all makes sense, I had forgotten it has a zero mana cost.
Great post.
Have an awesome day!