Playing Splinterlands. Share Your Battle. Ruler Of The Seas.

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Hey everyone.

How are you all?

Hope that you all are well by the grace of Almighty Allah.

Today, I'm back again with another post about Splinterlands. This post is to join the weekly curation challenge of share your battle organised by @splinterlands / @steemmonsters developers team.
Actually, this week's challenge was you have to share one of your battles in which you've used a card which plays under The Fire Splinter and the name is Spark PiXels. Few weeks ago, the challenge was 'You have to share one of your battles in which you used the card named Maggots. Then I didn’t had this card and I bought it and posted my battle. Then one of the curators commented on my post and said that I don’t need to buy a card if I don't have it. I just need to submit my post any of my favourite card or the card I like to speak about.

The same thing also happened to me this week also. I don’t have the card Spark Pixels.


And today I'm going to share one of my battles where I used one of my favourite magic card named Ruler Of The Seas

I mostly like this card because it is a magic card. It's damage ability is 3 and when I use it with water splinter it can cause the damage of 4. I also like this card of it's two ability one is Swiftness. This one rises the speed of all friendly monsters. And the other is Blast. For this ability, when this card attacks enemy monster the next card of enemy takes two life damage because of this Blast ability.





@splinterlands also asked some questions about the battle.

My answers:

First One:

My Lineup:

My lineup was pretty strong I think. I used the Lord Arianthus in first position. This card can hold attacks for so long because of its Sheild and Void ability. Also the most important thing I like about this card is Magic Reflect and then I used the Sea Genie because it's a flying card and if the first card falls it'll be able to stand longer because melee and ranged attacks most of the time got missed in magic cards. And then I used my card Ruler Of The Seas. I used the Magi Sphinx and the Prismatic Energy in last position to protect Ruler of The Seas

Second One:


Yes, my strategy fully worked. And I'll try to use the Prismatic Energy in second position next time because of its magic reflect ability

Third One

Yes, I use Ruler Of The Seas often. Actually, in most of the matches I play with water splinter I use this card

My Battle Link:

My Battle Link:

Thanks a lot for reading my post.

Upvote and resteem if you liked it.

If there is anything I can do to improve my post quality, please tell me in the comment section


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Oh! I really like the Ruler of the Seas too! I totally don't own it yet... but my hubs does and he LOVES it... I may do a challenge in the future with it, but don't wanna do super pricey ones.

Nice post! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you asked about not owning the current card in the challenge. Really, I just wanna see battles and strategy ... and give upvotes. 😘

@carrieallen opps. I made a mistake.
I forgot to put my battle link(most important thimg)😁
But, now I edited my post.
You can also watch my battle if you want so

Ahhh! Thank you!
Actually that was pretty awesome. The Ruler took down the last two in ONE blow. So cool.

yeah, that's why I love this card

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