Splinterlands Art Contest! Week 49 / 🐰 Mosshi 🐰 "Lethal Sweetie" 💖✨ / @dusoleil 💟

in splinterlands •  5 months ago  (edited)



Cute, sweet and... lethal? 🐰💖 Because you can't be prettier and more dangerous. Among his many skills, predominate:
  • Super ultra-toxic sweetness ❗ (if you look at it for too long... you don't want to know what can happen).
  • Hugs so strong, they break bones. ❌
  • Venomous bite (don't steal his lollipop, you will surely die).💊

Lindo, cariñosito y... ¿letal? Porque no se puede ser mas lindo y peligroso. Entre sus muchas habilidades, predominan:

  • Ternura super ultra tóxica (si lo miras por mucho... no querrás saber lo que puede pasar).
  • Abrazos tan fuertes, que rompen huesos.
  • Mordida venenosa (no robes su chupeta, pues de seguro morirás).





giphy (3).gif

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It is like a mix/mixture of a bunny and a cacodemon from the Doom video game.
I like it.

Could be relatives xD hahaha.

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Cute, sweet, and lethal! What a dangerous lil fellow :D !

Good luck with the contest, @dusoleil :) !!!

Lovely to see your step by step presentation, as always <3

aww thank you! and as always happy that you like my art! you are excellent! I did not win any of the contests but happy that I participated! Thank you for the good wishes!

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