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RE: How to buy *cheap* UNTAMED Booster Packs on Steem-Engine

in #splinterlands4 years ago
Wow! I really did not know that there was the possibility of buying Untamed packages through Steem-Engine ... every day you learn something new ... a good way to save ... there is also another way to save and that is buying the packages with glasses or DEC, a package is equivalent to 2000DEC and at this moment in Steem-Engime you can buy that amount of DEC for approximately US $ 0.90 ... the method that you show us is still the most economical lol ... thanks for sharing such valuable information.

You're welcome!
I'm sure it will fluctuate, but this gives you something to check while you're over on steem-engine.

OMG! I love it! 😍

I followed everything but the UNTAMED token is not available in splinterland.
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