How to buy *cheap* UNTAMED Booster Packs on Steem-Engine

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Buying CHEAP UNTAMED Booster Packs on SteemEngine.png

It's time for a little lesson on spending and saving.

For your viewing pleasures...

TL;DW (Too Long; Didn't Watch)

  • Sign in to with your Keychain (secure).
  • Click into TOKENS.
  • Search UNTAMED or ORB
  • To the right click on the arrows going left and right (on top of each other), this opens the MARKET.
  • You can see the BUY orders in GREEN and the SELL orders in RED.
  • Scroll down underneath the SELL ORDERS. You can see the amount they are sold for and how many are available at that price.
  • Right below the chart you see BUY UNTAMED (on the left).
  • Enter the amount that matches the top available amount in the SELL list. Then choose HOW MANY you wish to purchase. Do it. Buy them.
  • To TRANSFER your UNTAMED packs to SPLINTERLANDS (so you can open them) go back to your WALLET, find the UNTAMED tokens and to the right find the SEND TOKENS button (it looks like a swoopy arrow in a box).
  • Send your tokens to @steemmonsters. This deposits them into YOUR account.
  • Go to and to the OPEN page.
  • Congrats! Your new packs are waiting for you to open them!
  • Click and drag a pack into the circle and watch the magic!
    This is not financial advice. I ain't yo mama.

That's about it. Let me know if you have questions or would like to see other random "How-to Splinterlands" videos. 😍



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Wow! I really did not know that there was the possibility of buying Untamed packages through Steem-Engine ... every day you learn something new ... a good way to save ... there is also another way to save and that is buying the packages with glasses or DEC, a package is equivalent to 2000DEC and at this moment in Steem-Engime you can buy that amount of DEC for approximately US $ 0.90 ... the method that you show us is still the most economical lol ... thanks for sharing such valuable information.

You're welcome!
I'm sure it will fluctuate, but this gives you something to check while you're over on steem-engine.

OMG! I love it! 😍

I followed everything but the UNTAMED token is not available in splinterland.
Please Help Me

upped 💯 and resteemed😃👍

Nice video, very useful. Thanks so much for giving us this information.

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