MITICA HEADHUNTER Illustration - Splinterlands

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Greetings, make this drawing of the MITICA HEADHUNTER with a software called Medibang Paint Pro, the finished work shows this savage hunters in a dark and dark forest, with a lot of fog.


Step by step illustration


The first thing I did was the lineart, I used a black pencil brush. You can see the lineart in the following image.



After the lineart I proceeded to color each part of the monster, I proceeded to create different layers for each color and organize them in the background, so that the lineart is above the color layers. Add shadows and highlights on a layer with the crop property turned on. I used the paint pot brush for the base color and with the ink pen brush add the shadows and highlights. In the following images I show you the details of the color process.



To the hair color layer I additionally added a filter called chromatic aberration.




To draw the background I proceeded to create a layer with a dark green base color, then with the ink pen brush I proceeded to draw different vertical lines but with curvatures, some in greenish, brown and black.

Then with the airbrush brush I proceeded to spread spots, initially in black for the floor area, and in white to simulate the mist and give it a more scary appearance. Two species of flying animals can be seen in the background with their eyes illuminated, I made these by adding a large black dot with the pencil brush and then with the finger brush I proceeded to spread the stain looking for the shape, then with the pencil brush I proceeded to draw the reflection of the eyes in white.

The mist layer made with the airbrush was placed on top. In the following image I show you the background.


So far the explanation, I hope you like this illustration of this monster from Splinterlands.



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This is awesome!
The monsters in the background are scary!
Thanks for sharing your step by step!

Oh! You should also remember to share your Splinterlands referral link any time you post. 😘
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