Why I Like Goblin Mech But Don't Use It Too Much? (+Test w/my Water Splinter Team)

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So, we're talking about Goblin Mech again. I wrote about this monster before in one of Splinterlands Weekly Challenges, and you should read that article too, as I explained its Stats and where they become useful. How it's Goblin Mech is very useful in Weak Magic (& by extension: Lost Magic) Ruleset.


So, to not repeat what I said then, I'll answer the questions @carrieallen asked in this week's challenge. But first, let's talk battles:

#BATTLE: Testing Goblin Mech w/Water Splinter

Watch the battle here!


When I was playing Splinterlands regularly, I didn't use Goblin Mech often, especially with Water Splinter. Because I had certain team structure for each Mana Cap and I couldn't fit a 10-Mana monster in these teams.

But I haven't played Splinterlands for two months and I got demoted to Novice League, this and the lack of my rented Lv3 summoners allowed me a room to experiment yet again. I don't know if I would have took this week's challenge if I was still in Silver League, but I was eager to try new things now. That's why I decided to try a new combination.

In this battle: I used Goblin Mech instead of Spineback Turtle or Prismatic Energy as my Tank. (The former is an amazing Tank for only 4 Mana cost, the latter has a Magic reflect and still has lower Mana costs than Goblin Mech.) While the rest of my team stayed the same. Including Ruler of the Seas and Coral Wraith. (If I had chosen then I'll add Sea Genie to the team to fill the remaining 6 Mana points.)

My opponent didn't stand a chance!

Goblin Mech did a good job for protecting my other monsters, and while the opponent had Fire Elemental with Blast Ability. My Ruler of the Seas had a stronger one and killed that guy with his first blast. I would've won even if the opponent had protected one of his monsters with Furious Chicken.

I guess the experience you get after battling in higher leagues is very useful after all...

The STATS of Goblin Mech by level

~ Answering Carrie Questions ~

Carrie: I've noticed that it's more used in LOWER leagues. Why is that? Once other cards level does the Goblin Mech simply not shine so brightly? OR are there too many other options to give it the focus it once had?

While Goblin Mech is a very powerful Tank, I don't tend to use it very much. This haven't changed since I wrote the previouslty mentioned article.

I think the reason for that is mainly because I already have a different "go to" Tank for each Splinter I use. The position most suitable for Goblin Mech is already taken for the majority of my teams. I still use it now and then, but I always have a monster with better Ability and lower Mana cost to use instead~

Carrie: Do YOU still use the Goblin Mech in higher leagues? Why or why not?

I didn't play on a really higher League to give a confident answer to this question. Even when I reach Gold II League, I barely managed to reach it with Lv4 Summoners.

Goblin Mech usuability at Lv4/5 is still the same compared to other monsters so that isn't one of the factors I decide if I'll use it for the next battle.

Carrie: Do you LOVE it because of it's hardcore mele attack... even at level one??? When do you use it?


I really like the pure attack power Goblim Mech has~ I also like the Pierce ability, though I guess I prefer other abilities for my tanks like Spineback Turtle's Thorns and/or Molten Ogre's Demoralize abilities.

I usually use Goblin Mech at the higher Mana battles when I predict the opponent to not use many Magic monsters. The 99 Mana battles are the most natural place I'll use this monster. Otherwise I'll try to conserve Mana by using monsters that cost a little less than Goblin Mech does.

I still think it's an amazing monster to have and it's on the back of my mind even when I don't use it.


Thank you for answering all my questions! You rock!
I also tend to agree. And... I mostly play around the same levels as you still.
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