My Splinterlands Journey: My Best Season Ever

I'm stealing the title of @marianaemilia's latest post, because it rings true for me too! It's the first Season I reach Gold 1 League, and I was close to reach the Diamond League too. It blows my mind when I think I only did this with Level 3 Summoners!

While I didn't have a strong start, I did win more than usual. The last three days of this season were a blast as I won more than half of the battles by a long shot!

One of the daily quests rewards I got this season.
Eight loot chests! That's the power of GOLD 1!

In this season I got a loot of good Quest Rewards! Every quest I had to do was for one of my three main splinters (Fire, Water and Earth. I'll write posts for my strategy for each of them, so follow me to not miss them.)

In quest rewards, I got some 1000 DEC ones. I didn't get a lot of Potions (which is great as I don't care about them.) Finally, I got a bunch of the new reward cards, even though most of them were common monsters.

Reward Cards Breakdown:

As for Season Rewards: I didn't get any notable ones. I missed taking a screenshot of the Loot Chests. Well, I barely got anything, DEC wise. It's mostly potions. I did capture the reward cards (11) from Peakmonster's explorer:


Other than the Epic monster "Spirit Shaman," all these cards were common. But I guess I could make use of them, so I'll talk about each of the notable cards below:

Spirit Shaman is nice and I think she'll be one of my most used cards for Earth Splinter! She has Divine Shield ability which is useful against Snipe ability monsters, when placed in the second position after a good tank.

I love the designs of both Nectar Queen & Undead Rexx. They're high mana common monsters. I don't main the Death Splinter so I don't know about Rexx.

I used Nectar Queen for some battles and the only ruleset I found it useful in was "Odd Ones Out." Because I don't have a lot of Odd Mana monsters. :sweat_smile: I might need to level her a bit.

Finally Flame Moneky! I like Flam Monkey. He's a good subsitute for Creeping Ooze in Taking Sides ruelset. A good scapegoat in low Mana battles. I need to use him a bit more to know how good he is though.

Overall, the last season is my best season ever. I reached a higher league than usual, and I got enough daily quests rewards that the underwhelming Season Reward didn't matter to me very much.

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I wish the next season be like this one or better,
Only time will tell us if that will be the case~


Congratulations! That's awesome!


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