Sneek Peek At Upcoming Poker Tools You Can Use To Destroy Your Opponents

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A couple days ago I'm playing in LuckSack's 100 SBD poker tournament. The guy on my right shoves all in one hand, and the player on my left shoves all in on another hand. What the heck is going on? Do they have something? Are they a naive child, new to the game? Or are they just clowning around with free chips?

These are questions that needed answers. I quickly whipped up my new "Whose Shoving & What With" poker tool.

Now I have the answers as I can examine any player I wish. If I see a player shoving all in, I can look up the player and see what he/she has shoved with in the past to get an idea of who I'm up against. Check out this short video as I examine some shovers. I apologize if I offend anyone, I just call it as I see it.



I love the player reports tool. This tool allows me to see all kinds of information on a player. Check out this short video as I use the tool to discover more about one of Lucksacks best players as well as one of Lucksacks worst players. Again, I apologize if anyone is offended. Please use this info as a critique and take advantage of this opportunity. We can all improve our play.



Have you ever bet a hand only to have someone come over the top and reraise? Perhaps it's later in the game and the big stack is continually raising and bullying. I've always wondered what they had and if I played my game correctly.

Now you can know. I wrote a third poker tool that allows me to replay any table in order to examine my play or examine anyone else's play. It really is amazing what you can learn by replaying a poker table with all the cards face up. Check it out in this short video:


I love my new tools and have found them very helpful. A couple beta-testers have been using them too and have suddenly found themselves rising up the leaderboards. If you would like to be a winner also, which means more SBD into your bank account, I urge you to act now and enter your email address below. By entering your email address you will be amongst the first players invited to use the tools.


I would love to hear your opinion on the tools and if there is any info you feel would help your game. Was I being too rough on players in my videos? Please leave a comment below with your reviews, tips, thoughts, and suggestions. See you on the felt.

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I love it. The game behind the game is the real game. I think you realized quickly that good players mix it up, so all the data in the world will only give a tendency, not a guarantee. There are really good players on here, if you start cracking them I know why. Haha. Keep up the great work.

@tom74 thanks bro. exactly. some players have patterns, but the good ones mix it up.

The amount of BB (big blinds) villian has need to be involved in the

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This is awesome. Thank you @internetguy.

I've definitely been doing much better in tournaments after playing against some people and learning how they play. My own playing still needs a lot of help. These tools will come in handy.

@chops316 glad you like.

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This post is a gem bro! nice way to see player's habits and evolve our game, just suscribed for the pre-launch mate! see you at the tables bro!

Thanks @jonsnow1983 dont know if ill be able to keep it up. Tuck has cut back on the tourneys so not much to track anymore. Will keeo you updated.

Never lose faith man! we just having a rough time! it's just a wake up call! don't be down soldier!

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