LuckSacks Champions & Donkeys For Week Ending Aug 26 2017

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It's the 28th, the end of the first 4 weeks in August and taking down top spot on the LuckSacks leaderboard for PLAYER OF THE MONTH is CronusRiley (Steemit name: @rileyechard). With this win, CronusRiley becomes LuckSacks first POTM. Congrats to CronusRiley.

To win POTM here is all you have to do: 1) play at least 3 events for the month. 2) Finish in the money for the events played. LuckSacks has designed a scoring system that is based on a players finish and the number of entrants. Finishing first in a 30 player tourney scores 30 points while finishing first in a 3 player tourney earns only 3 points. Here is the full formula:

(# of entrants) / (players finish position) = (points gained).

These points are then added up and divided by the number of times played. The player with the highest average takes the top spot. This month the top spot went to CronusRiley with an average score of 9.7. A close second was tfeldman with an average score of 8.6.

To see where you scored, visit the LuckSacks Leaderboards at

LuckSacks Poker


PLAYER OF THE WEEK honor this week went to raphavongal mainly because he appeared on 4 out of the 6 stats boards. raphavongal came in 2nd in the Low Limit Championship, came in 4th in the Mid-Limit Championship, #1 most active and the #1 Steem winner for the past week.

This just goes to show that the more you play, the more FREE STEEM you can win Congratulation to raphavongal for being LuckSacks top player this past week.

Once again there was no main event this past week. There was a 30 Steem played last Sunday which qualifies as a main event for this current week. The winner of that event was investwar. This is the only player who will be able to win the Triple Crown this week.


There is a new name in the #1 spot as the most profitable player last week. elalac averaged 2.28 Steem per event! At todays current prices, thats about $3.40 USD per event. Considering an event takes 1 hour, that's a nice little side hustle for having fun at poker.


Slickhustler (Steemit name: @slickhustler007) took over the top spot from CronusRiley and m211. Slickhustler won 33% of the events played with 55eleven coming in second at 30%. Watch out for these two on the table.


raphavongal for the second week in a row has become LuckSacks most active player. Last week raphavongal played 62 events and this week he topped himself and set a new record of 87 events played in one week. That's a little over 12 events each day 7 days a week. I don't think raphavongal misses even one event.



We have a new #1 Donkey and a new record holder. After being #1 Donk for two weeks in a row, samest00 moved to third place this past week and was replaced by rizwan (Steemit name: @rizwanarif). rizwan set a new Donkey record with 43 events played in a week without a single win. When you consider there are many .30 Steem events that are played 3 handed, going this many events without a win gets rizwan a spot in the Wall Of Shame history books.


tylersr beat out wessel for top honors this week as the Bubble Boy Award winner and inductee into The Wall of Shame. tylersr played 12 events and managed to go out on the bubble in 5 of those events. So close to the money, yet so far.

Congrats to all the winners and donkeys. No matter where you end up, have fun and win free STEEM!

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Poker Hall of Famer, Amarillo Slim being outplayed by the @internetguy

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This week will be mine! I promise!

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Congratulations @rileyechard for POTM and @raphavongal for POTW. Let's not talk about my Bubble Boy antics.

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