Speed bumps

in spirituality •  last month

I woke up at 4 am and really wanted to record but the neighbors were surely sleeping and the walls are thin so I had no choice but to wait. I brainstormed some ideas for an hour and caught up with yesterday's big news and fell back to sleep at 7.

Woke up at 11 and with a new idea, I got straight to recording. The new idea proved too difficult to record without preparation though. Turns out the new tempo I want for this old song is really hard to match to the vocals. It will sound wonderful though so I am set on it. But it means I can't record this song until I'm really comfortable with the new tempo. It might take a week or two.

So I stretched and headed out to the tiny bookstore across the city that has interesting people and edited a chapter from my novel on the way. I'm just about half finished with the first draft.

As I arrived my back started tightening up again. Creating is not hard when I can take break to stretch and breath, but 2 or 3 out of 4 (writing, music, socializing, and work) are still a challenge in one day.

I just gotta keep going when it feels good though. There are too many ideas for stories and songs and I feel good to create, so I'll create as much as I can. I love this focus!


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There's nothing worse than having a great idea right when everybody's asleep! We got a noise complaint the other day for jamming too late on the drums and amplified guitar, lol, what can you do. Sometimes the neighbors just gotta deal with it -- we live in a city!


It'd be nice if we felt comfortable enough with our neighbors to talk about it and figure out a compromise. Calling the cops is really unnatural and uncomfortable and all too common.

I wouldn't be able to play here after 10 pm and if someone complained I'd understand. I just don't understand why people don't ring the doorbell the first time.


Yeah I agree open communication is always better. I was pissed cuz when the neighbors left a note, they didn't leave a phone number so I couldnt be sure which neighbor it was. I woulda called them if I was able

Any day you can get stuff done is a good day 🙃

Chilling is also getting stuff done because it’s good for your brain 😆

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It's not about getting stuff done, it's about the actual doing ;>)
I know you know this but I just felt like saying it, haha

I second the second sentence about chilling.
Not doing anything is often a better choice than we think.


Agreed! Today is going to be a chilling day and honestly I want tomorrow to be a chilling day too but i have friends visiting....


You can chill with friends :D

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Yes my friend

Keep going when it feels good.

That's what it's all about :>)


Well I hit my first big wall today but I'm going to blast through it!

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