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Ever had a situation when you saw repetitive numbers like 1111, 222, 333 etc. for eg. on Car Number Plates, Time on the clock, Page number or anywhere else? 

That's called synchronicity! 

They are basically what we can call meaningful coincidences meaning even though they it doesn't seem to be be connected to anything in your life and seem like a coincidence, it is actually connected to you and it is trying to convey a message. 


Now, there are so many websites online that explains what exactly it means to see a particular number. But it's quite hard to believe what they say. Because, it makes you think how do they know that seeing 999 means an end of a cycle in your life. 

If you are seeing 999 then the angels are trying to tell you that part of your life is now coming to its natural conclusion. 
 This could be a relationship, a friendship, a job or anything that  has required nurturing and building on your part. For example, people  often see 999 before they are due to make a long distance move and make a  fresh start. 
Seeing 999 at this time in your life is a message from the angels  that although endings can be scary and upsetting, don’t worry because everything is for your highest good. -source

Yeah it kinda makes sense but I find it hard to believe these online websites as it may not exactly be accurate to  your situation. Meaning they attach more than 3-4 meanings if you see a particular number. 

How to exactly know what it signifies in your life is my biggest question.

If there is anybody who knows about it and shed some light in the comments, it would make this article more valuable. 

But do I believe in it?

Although I said that I find it hard to believe in the meanings of these numbers, I do believe that seeing these numbers means something good. 

How do I know it is not a coincidence?

It happens quite often. I mean if you see one car with number plate having 7777 on it, it seems fine. 

But imagine seeing 7777 in three different vehicles on the same day. That can't quite possibly be a coincidence, can it?

Also, while I was typing out this article and just opened up my phone to check, the time on the clock was: 

Has it ever happened with you in the past or does it ever happen to you presently? Let's have a discussion on this. 

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999 is for angels then 666 is for devils..... I remeber Dickie Bird cricket umpire hops onto one leg whenever scoreboards reads 111 or happens many times that it shows..111/1 i.e 111 run for loss of 1 wicket....never happen in reality but will definatelly like to notice now on..

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999 is for angels then 666 is for devils.....

I think you're generalizing it. There's something deeper to it that I wanna know. Let's see if I find something.

never happen in reality but will definatelly like to notice now on..

Yeah, you should. ;)

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