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Growing yourself to your highest potential as a human being is so important and to do that you have to make the choice to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically!

Many people on their spiritual path seek enlightenment, but fall victim to a lot of false teachings. I know when I first got into spirituality I had to go through a lot of fake stuff to get to the real, but that’s all a part of the journey in becoming self realized.

And self realized means knowing who you are on all 3 points of the trinity; Spirit, mind, and body - making sure you maintain a steady motion within all 3 points.

Spirit Comes First!

First, you must get to know yourself spiritually, which is getting in tune with who you truly are as spiritual being while tuning into the love frequency. Once you can accept who you are wholeheartedly, you can start to immerse yourself in spirit and turn up on all 3 points of the trinity! ♻ Here’s a list of some things you could do daily to get in tune with Spirit

Ask the right questions/ talk daily with Spirit
Journaling your experiences
Dream journaling

AWARENESS BONUS! Many new age teachings will say “mind, body, spirit” and if you break down the word Spirituality, you'll notice the word Spirit is in it, so why is it that they put it last? Sometimes you have to ask yourself these types of questions to get to the true core of understanding, innerstanding, and eventually an overstanding of who you are and how this matrix system is operating.

Taking Care Of The Mind

The mind comes after spirit. And now that you have your focus on spirit, it becomes a lot easier to navigate through the different aspects of your mind.

An example of the mind is the thoughts that you may have. If you haven't been practicing meditating daily and your mind is chaotic like a tornado, it may be hard for you to focus your mind and use it to its highest potential.

That's why getting in tune with yourself spiritually is key. A clean spirit is a clean mind and body because spirit is first, and when you’re taking care of spirit, spirit will take care of you 💯

Observe Your Mind

Learn to observe your mind from the outside looking in. Because the truth is, you’re not your mind or your thoughts!

Many people get caught up in thinking and over analyzing life that they actually forget to just live and be present within the moment!

The present moment is where all the experiences are happening so it’s important to always be aware of what’s happening within the now making sure not to focus so much on where the mind takes you.

It can have you thinking about the past or thinking about the future, but is that really what's important right now?


Don't get me wrong, it definitely helps to look at the past and the future to get inspiration, but there’s a balance to it that you have to find in order to fully live life and embrace yourself into the now.

Take Physical Action!

It's so easy in today's world to get caught up within the mind and thinking about all the stuff you got going on in your life. But you have to remember to find the balance within and make physical moves to get those things done that need to get done!

People who bettered themselves had to put in the work to make it happen. It’s the same with establishing a strong connection with spirit. You have to be willing to do your spiritual practices every single day to get that connection!

It takes the spirit, mind, and body to complete the trinity and without motion in one of those aspects, you’re sure to spiral down and go in the opposite direction of where you need to go.

Observe your trinity and little by little, take the steps you need to take to balance out your life so you can live fully and get the most out of this life.

Thanks for tuning in!
Luminary Jay

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