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🎬An Interview with Russel Brand and Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist who first got noticed in 2016 for his point of view on the anti-political correctness topic. He is the author of, "Maps of Meaning the Architecture of Belief" and "12 Rules for Life." He is known as, "The Father of the Intellectual Dark Web." Russel Brand is a radical revolutionary, a liberal, truth seeker and advocate for compassion. The interview on Episode #46 Kindness vs. Power is a brilliant dialogue between the two controversial activists. The video was thoughtful, sincerely deep in context, and explored morality and ethics. Jordan Peterson is an expert in analyzing scripture, and other classical literature pieces while conveying meaningful insight to a varies of topics that included God, Power, Inequality, Capitalism and The Political Structure.

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Critical Thinking Prompts below.


🔑1.) The story of Genesis (discussion on Divine Potential)
🔑2.) Symbolism in patterns (is there a universal frequency?)
🔑3.) Jesus Christ (archetypes)
🔑4.) Inequality ( the vulnerable, minorities, and mainstream politics)
🔑5.) Foundation of Theology, Book of Job (Behemoth and the Leviathan)
🔑6.) Enlightenment (follow the happiness vs. follow the pain)
🔑7.) Free Will/Fate Destiny (The Story of Moby Dick)
🔑8.) The Role of Power and the function of Morality and Ethics

Can you describe the intellectual argument and where Russel Brand and Dr. Jordan Peterson's worldview align and where they differ?


Russel Brand and Dr. Jordan Peterson are both advocates for peace, love, and wisdom. They both would ideally like to use their gifts to genuinely see harmony and truth in the world. During the interview, Russel Brand asked Dr. Jordan Peterson if he believed in God. Dr. Peterson strategically guided the conversation to create a shift by redirecting the attention and not answering the question. Although, Russel Brand identified himself as a believer.

My undergraduate coursework is in Psychology from the University of California San Diego. So I am familiar with many of the founders and forefathers of Psychology. I have also been a fan of Dr. Peterson for many years and find his work to be both significant and of great value. After listening to many of his lectures I have a sneaking suspicion that he is a man of faith. It would be very difficult to stay a non-believer after analyzing the Bible because it is rich with symbolic metaphors and undeniable truths within the scriptures, to then declare there is no existence of God.

This interview was so fascinating I had to write a piece and share it with you. It kept me engaged and because I am a lover of classical literature and a God seeker it fed me both intellectually and spiritually. The video can give you a dose of spiritual growth, refresh your spirit and stimulate your mind.

According to Dr. Jordan Peterson (2018), Religion is a set of stories that come close to the grammar of stories. He shares how Jung influenced his ideologies beyond religion, spirituality, and God. Who is Jung? Carl Jung is best known for his perspective on the development of personality. At one time Freud the father of psychoanalysis referred to Carl Jung as his spiritual heir. However, Jung eventually developed a theory of personality that was markedly different from Freudian psychoanalysis.

"Do you believe in God?" asked Russel Brand. Dr. Jordan Peterson doesn't directly answer the question but begins to unravel his beliefs surrounding God by drawing reference to "Christ" and "The Self."


(Fundamentalist vs. Materialism and Divine Potential)
Dr. Peterson refers to Science and Religion as being hypothetical because Science was created 500 years ago. Modernist say the world is made up of things while they act as if the world is made up of potential. This is very interesting because in the Bible it states how we are born in the image of God. This is key because God is the creator of all things and he did this in 7 days. Within each of us, we have a similar ability to create possibilities out of potential giving us agency or the illusion that we have agency. This is beautifully articulated by Dr. Peterson's when he states two profound discoveries the first is, "The reality that you bring out of potential with the truth is good." The second is, "God is that which brings and calls reality into being out of potential." (Peterson, 2018)

“All things in the manifest world was once unmanifest. Many things that are unmanifest now will become manifest.” Russell Brand, 2017


(Is there a universal frequency?)
Carl Jung explains human nature by analyzing ideas from history, mythology, anthropology, and religion. Carl Jung at age 81 wrote about his recollections in his autobiography, Memories, Dreams, and Reflections. Jung works with mandalas and patterns and believes they are manifestations of spontaneous order. Cathedrals have patterns in the windows expressing the idea of perfect structure. Cathedral windows, music and mandalas are creative forms that theoretically express a sort of representation of a universal frequency. This notion that there is truth within patterns does suggest that there is a divine order and ultimate truth. There is a GOD.

Is there an ultimate truth on how patterns emerge and are there a universal frequency that is striving to create harmony, oneness and divine order? What is the significance of this? Listen to why Russel Brand and Dr. Jordan Peterson explain their understanding of God.


Jesus was innocent, good, perfect truth and his life represents the ultimate tragedy. He is both sinless and sacred, and the worst thing imaginable happened to him. He was broken, destroyed and betrayed by the ones he came to love. He sacrificed his life that others may be forgiven. The ultimate sacrifice.


( the vulnerable, minorities, and mainstream politics)
The radical left and the alt-right have many opposing views one controversial issue surrounding mainstream politics is pronouns in transgenderism. Transgender communities are fighting for a new set of pronouns unaware of the catastrophic consequences that this could have on society as a whole.

Canada passed a law, but in America, it is unlikely because that would mean we would be stripped of our First Amendment Right, imposing on our Constitutional Rights. Our Constitutional Rights is what makes America Great.

The reason why this was brought up in the interview is that Dr. Jordan Peterson almost lost his tenure over the allegations that he was somehow not complying with his Universities policy. Dr. Jordan Peterson teaches clinical Psychology at The University of Toronto.


Russel Brand discretely suggested that there may be some mischief going on hinting that Dr. Peterson placed value on tradition and held conservative beliefs. However, Dr. Peterson very diplomatically reminds Russel Brand that he has a biological and social science background while providing him an answer to the "transgenderism pronoun conflict." Dr. Peterson tells Russel Brand that he does not believe that the science of biology is dated.

The most potent message is when he shares, he has not transgressed against the vulnerable. So beautifully articulated. He doesn't believe that taxonomies can be intrinsically experienced. Dr. Jordan Peterson brings up the Sermon on the Mount and conveys what it means to, "Love." Love is wanting the best possible outcome.....even for our enemies and that when you are establishing this as your aim, this is the highest good for everyone.

"Having established this as your aim then you can concentrate on the day, and you can try to tell the truth." (Peterson, 2018)

In regards to large-scale political action, Dr. Peterson says this, "Don't recommend any changes that you wouldn't suffer for if they failed." GREAT INSIGHT!!!


You can find this section at 31:27 Russel Brand and Jordan Peterson discuss the book of Job. He speaks about a book of engravings on the trials, tribulations, and test that JOB goes through.

JOB 40:15-24
The Tree of Life Picture is a representation of JOB's Self Realization.


(psychotherapy and the paradoxical advice)

Psychotherapy can help alleviate people from anxiety, depression, despair, resentment, bitterness, anger and catastrophic brokenness in the family unit. Voluntary confrontation of what you are afraid has been proven to aid people to overcome their fears.

(follow the happiness vs. follow the pain)
You may have heard the quote,
"Follow your Bliss." The idea is that if you follow what makes you happy you will be lead to enlightenment.


"Follow your Blisters." on the other hand, encourages one to follow the pain. If one follows the pain, they may have a chance of enlightenment.
Do what is meaningful and pay attention. Follow the truth it will take you to the worst place imaginable and then maybe there is a chance for enlightenment



(The Story of Moby Dick)


"Who is it that moves this arm? Who is it that thinks these thoughts?
If the mighty sun has no control over his movements.
What control does Ahab have over his thoughts?
(Herman Melville, Moby Dick, 1851)

"We have an ethical responsibility to be good.... so that "Goodness" itself can exist." Russel Brand

(source thehuffingtonpost.com)

INRI "Thru fire all things are renewed."

"you should burn everything off,
that isn't part of that thing,
that can die and be reborn."


Dr. Jordan B. Peterson believes that the only way to treat the "Inequality," is one of the four horsemen. What are the four horsemen? Empirical evidence that wars, revolutions, epidemics, and death are the only ways that can alleviate inequality.

What are the Four Horseman?

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 4.49.33 PM.png(source https://publicdomainreview.org/collections/the-four-horsemen-of-the-apocalypse/)

(source The Four Riders of the Apocalypse (1498) by Albrecht Durer)



🌷What is Discernment?

The ability to use your best judgment with the understanding that life is about obtaining spiritual direction. It is that intuitive knowingness deep inside, within the ocean of our most sacred being. When you are a truth seeker, and your divine destiny is to align yourself with good, then you will have to look to that part of you deep in the Leviathan of your soul.

🌷How does one judge intention?

Ask yourself "Is this action the highest good for you and others?"

In life, we are thrown challenges that test our morals and ethical ability.

Intention and Identity Politics
There are two ways to think about intention. The first way would be to ask yourself what do I want to bring more of into my life? As in, "To set an intention." What is the desired outcome we wish for?

The other way of thinking about intention is, "What are our deepest underlying motives?" I suppose these could vary in significance depending upon how conscious we are. "What level of consciousness are we working from?

How would it serve the world if we were to dismiss our biological make-up? There is a reason why women were given bodies capable of giving birth and nourish their offspring through the innate biological practice of nursing. Females that are blessed with healthy bodies can give birth to children. Men can not. Men have broader shoulders and larger bone structure. We are perfectly and divinely designed. When a man undergoes a sex change operation, it biologically does not change that man into a woman. It only changes a man's physical appearance to best resemble a woman. As a woman, I know that we are anatomically, physiologically, biologically different then men and our and our neuro-behavioral endocrinology is different than Men.

What is our moral and ethical responsibility in regards to this? The simple answer is practice love, tolerance and kindness. How does it benefit us as a society to psychologically create a cognitive dissonance by the practice of looking away from the truth so that we do not hurt a person's feelings? This can be ​damaging to our future. I do not think it is Dr. Peterson's intention to bring harm by standing firm in his stand on Free Speech. Sometimes the truth is not pretty, but we have to face it anyway.

For the vast majority of people, biological sex and gender identity correspond, but for a small portion of the population, this isn't always​ the case. We all have things about ourselves we wish we could alter in some way. Until we come into acceptance of "The Truth" accepting who we are at the most fundamental and spiritual level, we will always be uncomfortable in our own skin. This message isn't just for people who suffer from transgenderism but for all beings who have things they wish they could change about themselves. Changing pronouns might seem like a solution but it would only be temporary because the solution can only be found in the acceptance of self. That is the responsibility of the individual. They must find a spiritual solution.

🌷Are you a Divergent thinker?

A divergent thinker is someone who solves problems with a variety of possible solutions. As a creative, I am a divergent thinker. I would consider myself a lateral thinker and High in Openness.

🌷Do you believe in a Spiritual Solution?

Materialism vs. Spiritualism

"Yes, I personally believe in a spiritual solution. This life is temporary, just as this body is fragile against the elements of nature, my soul is fragile in the elements of the secular, and needs the nourishment of wisdom, truth, and love. Without these three spiritual aids and without God, I would surely perish in this life and in the hereafter."
The Pretty Soul

“Reality that you bring out of potential with truth is good” (Jordan Peterson, 2017)

Interesting Fact: "There was no science until 500 years ago"


“I am an egotistical, nihilistic, narcissistic, self-centered, flawed and failing individual. I see this through the failure of my own personal limitations and humanness. Indulgences such as power, sex, money, fame, and drugs cannot satiate the craving within my soul. This leads me to believe that the idea of self must die in order to succumb to being a servant of good. I believe that this death of self will allow me to become renewed with a spirit that is lead to do great things and maximize my usefulness, generosity, kindness, and compassion while I am here in this temporary resting place. I am just a vessel with a soul, and it is my divine purpose to do what is meaningful and to love.” The Pretty Soul


🌷How do I best serve others and this world?

We each have a dharma or divine purpose. For me, I believe my divine purpose is to be a source of love for girls who have lost their parents and share my experience, strength and hope. I have a special place in my heart for young girls who have NO mothers or fathers. Girls with NO guidance or a source of Love and Support, since this was my earthly and personal experience. I can relate and best understand their loss, heartbreak, and feelings surrounding this human condition. I hope to encourage these young women and be an example of wisdom, grace, and love. Our suffering is temporary, and we have the power to heal, love and grow, and since we are made in the image of GOD, we also have the power of "INFINITE POSSIBILITIES AND DIVINE POTENTIAL." So I would share with them, "DREAM" and make it a "BIG ONE."

(read article https://www.theprettysoul.com Human Suffering Opportunity​ for Love and Growth.)

Remember, that no matter what trials we face here on earth​ we can not lose​ faith in Being.

We are all made of light and dark, and it is in the light where we find God. I best serve others through my company The Pretty Soul, LLC reminding young women to have a pretty heart (emotional intelligence), a pretty mind (quotient intelligence), and pretty soul (spiritual intelligence.

"I am a God Seeking, Soul Healing, Dream Slinging, Hope Dealing, Tea Smuggling, Art Loving, Poetry Junkie with a fierce Book Addiction." The Pretty Soul

🌷Have you written a plan for your future?

Writing a compelling vision for your life will give you insight into what is important to you and what you value. I have a vision and mission statement for my life. I think it is important to have some direction in which to aim towards. Otherwise, I would be roaming the earth lost with no course. I have been considering taking Jordan's Peterson Self Authoring Course; I believe that this could not only ignite my passion to write and prompt me to become more Self-Aware.
Jordan Peterosn's online course https://selfauthoring.com

🌷What are your indulgent and impulsive behaviors?

During undergrad, I was diagnosed with mild to moderate Depression, G.A.D (generalized anxiety disorder, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) I self-medicated and found myself in a downward spiral while trying to excel in my courses. Some of the ways I chose to escape this feeling of discomfort was to use different forms of numbing agents. It wasn't until I began to deepen my relationship with God and through prayer and meditation that I was able to find relief from this condition. In the film, Russel Brand and Jordan Peterson were discussing Carl Jung and his views on why people suffer. The reason we indulge or escape from reality could be summed up to this: "We are suffering from little consciousness." The cure to this suffering is: "To expand our awareness of consciousness." This is partly what Judeo-Christianity teaches alongside a various of other teachings from other world-religions and spiritual practices.

The human condition of suffering can be cured through the evolution of our consciousness.

"At the beginning of time people were unconsciousness, then consciousness emerged, with all of its catastrophes. The consciousness of death, for example, One way out of the burden of consciousness was to return to unconsciousness. We do this in various forms such as numbing ourselves with alcohol, drugs, sex, power, money, dependent relationships or just failing to grow up. So what we are doing then is refusing the burden of consciousness by returning to unconsciousness. Another way of subsidizing our human experience is to become even more conscious. As we evolve, we then become aware that one way to become more conscious is to expand our consciousness​. If our souls stay in a state of little consciousness or unconsciousness, we are in a sense ill. This is when spiritual maladies occur. So another way to cure our human suffering through life is to acquire more consciousness." The Pretty Soul

🌷 What would happen if you allowed these behaviors to manifest?

If I allowed my fear, anxiety, or depression to be a driving force in my life. I would be hindering my ability to be useful and a loving source for others. No one is perfect, and it is difficult to not be discouraged by life's little uncertainties but I do my best. Prayer and Meditation help​ me to stay in alignment with God, by cultivating a deep, profound relationship with God I am able to cure these spiritual ailments.

“All things in the manifest world was once unmanifest. Many things that are unmanifest​ now will become manifest.” Russell Brand, 2017

🌷What will your legacy be when you depart this world?

It is my hope that once it is time for my physical self to perish that my life will be an inspiration to others. I hope to inspire others and be an example, reminding them that no matter where you come from or what your circumstance, you can rise. You are the co-creator of your universe, and it is true that the unmanifest can become manifest. So Dream and Dream Big.


Life is a series of mini-transformations. These transformations are tiny little deaths and re-births. The transformation is a result of a learning process the soul goes through. These transformations are often accompanied with pain, tragedy, ​and despair, supporting the soul to grow. Transformational growth is a renewal of spirit, a sort of resurrection of the soul. The self is what manages the process, the process of moving between the two states. Once the soul masters the lessons of the old-self a new self-emerges. We the shed the old-self and parts of us die, ​and a new self is then resurrected. In our re-birth, our character is being formed. The challenge is for us to allow our life to reflect truth, beauty, and love. When we master this divine wisdom, the outcome of our evolution will be softer, more beautiful and loving soul.” The Pretty Soul

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Super long, didn't read it all, but the opening was quite moving.


Yes the film was deep. It took awhile to write. So happy you dropped by Thank you so much for the upvote. I really appreciate it. I checked out your page and you are still growing strong! I am going to check out those apps you suggested so that I can continue my "Steemit Education." ; )



P.S. Thank you so much for the ongoing support and encouragement. I saw that you resteemed my post.... very kind of you. I love your new banner. The colors are epic. Big Hugs, Marie

Looks interesting, I am going to take a closer look soon, watch that movie and everything, a bit tired, my brain is burnt out from over analysing the STEEM "monetary system".... Pretty complicated...

Also I remember some seminar where Jordan Peterson claimed that people who move often where psychopaths, or maybe it was psychopaths that moved often, lol, anyway being a bit of a nomad, it made me question myself, am I a psychopath? Lol...

Steem on sister steem on!



I am a bit of nomad myself. A spiritual digital nomad. That is why Steemit is such an amazing space to come play in. I didn't see that Jordan B. Peterson episode where he spoke on nomads. If you ever find the link you can send it to me. I would be curious to watch it. I just want to say.... That I appreciate your support. Thank you.



Yeah, it's fun to play here, this is like a big playground...
Going to watch the movie in your post, and then I will stay in tune...


I watched that youtube video with Russel Brand and Jordan Peterson, I could comprehend most of the concepts they ventured into, things that I am also very interested in, but at some points it felt a bit like an intellectual hot-dog measuring contest... But the topics where very interesting for sure.



Thank you for taking time to watch it. The film is very analytical and I watched it a few times before really comprehending it all. The one important message I extracted from the interview, is that we have agency which means we have infinite potential and infinite possibilities. Wishing you great success. Blessings.



Yeah, -The sky's the limit! @prettysoul