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It's sad but true.

Much like the way that society splits up the family, the church does likewise. In many church meetings, families are not even allowed to remain together. Sure, the adults can be in the "big meeting," but the children are far too often split up just like they are in the government schools.

It is my believe that this practice is not only far from being biblical, I think it is also detrimental. Young boys and girls need to learn how to become godly men and women, and one of the best ways for them to do that is to be around them.


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Church(big C) doesn't do it. Christ builds the Church. Believers are meant to come together for worship. But yes, some churches do this.

And some churches further cause division by catering to a very narrow demographic or providing a 'service' that is basically entertainment geared toward a very narrow age bracket. It is frustrating.

We avoid those types of churches like the plague.


I agree. My husband and I keep our kids with us ... depending on where we’re attending, it’s funny (or sad?) how many people are bothered by it. It’s one reason my husband wrote this article (past payout, so not trying to spam) on why the modern church is terminal.

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Your link doesn't work...... Says page doesn't exist.



Thanks for the link. I made a comment there... But got perhaps a little cranky. Sorry. I just have indigestion.... And the digital plane is not my favorite for such conversations.

Take care,


Ah, I hear ya! Indigestion and headaches are the worst for me ... they seem harmless enough to work through but are the most distracting!

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That's powerful @papa-pepper

I totally agree. It bugged me as a kid and I consider it harmful as an adult.


It is harmful indeed. Thanks!

That's ridiculous. Making people sit in different places in a service doesn't divide them.


Dividing them up doesn't divide them?

Do your churches have Sunday School?, where the youngies are split into age groups and listen to somebody reading, explaining, talking about the bible?
the stories are aimed at the age, time of year, with the smallest probably just being given the outline of the story, the middle-aged getting a bit deeper into the story, and the oldest getting the actual reading,
probably 3/4 to an hour tops per week.


Yes, Sunday Schools are very popular over here.

Posting my response again on this post as I believe it fits here as well.

Around 6 years ago I was apart of a group of people who started a church. We decided that families worship together was very important. During the entire time everyone stayed together, there was no sending kids off to do their own thing! I was with them for a few years and during that time we all would also get together frequently and not just on Sundays. I found that Sabbath is still on Saturday's but they didn't want to listen or study it out, but that is another story.

I also have heard it said that if we want to train a puppy you don't leave them around other puppies and the same goes with us. If we want to learn what it is like to be an elder we must be around them!