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This is a big, and touchy subject.

Honestly, I just want to share what I believe and have found revealed in God's word. What you decide about these things is up to you. This will serve as an introduction for a new series.


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Until next time…

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Did u get the wifi working?

Very "touchy" topic, especially when we see that St Peters Church has been divided up into so many fractions over the past 2000 years.

All these divisions were done by people who wanted "more power" and from what I can conclude, this is all the work of evil that clearly wants to divide and conquer.

Now, this statement can be read in many ways by people who don't want to accept the fact that evil has been the driving force behind many a person who has deliberately gone out to divide Christians into small squabbling fractions. I dare say that we all find it hard to accept something that doesn't always comply with our own personal choices in life!

Likewise, the fact that the fractions among us have without any doubt opened the doors to evil people being able to infiltrate the ranks of Christians and have their way in and among us. This has been seen in many a case when individuals within certain institutionalized churches have done outright evil to others and hence brought shame upon not only themselves, but also all those around them.

I dare say that we are in a time and age where 'false prophets' and 'evil' are without any doubt in my mind able to get away with their agendas and do so from within the ranks of many an institutionalized church of this 'modern day and age'.

It is almost sad to see how humanity can prosper in so many fields, yet at the same time allow for evil to prosper along side us and even get the support of many who are by all means considered to be 'intelligent' human beings.

I think that no matter how you approach this topic, it shall definitely have a divided audience, yet if you succeed in getting people to think even a little out of the boxes we are all in, you shall have achieved more than many a paid 'preacher' out there!

Good luck.

Will follow your series here via Steemit.com and definitely enjoy your hearty approach to doing good as our good man JC did.

God bless.

Quick quote from wikipedia...

"Priests, deacons and lay ministers cooperate and assist their bishops in shepherding a flock."

Academic credentials seem easier to confirm than things we cannot see like a heart to shepherd the flock or presence of the Holy Spirit. Truly Christ is the leader of the church.