Spiritual Teachings from Three Masters ~ What is Reality?

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Lessons on Different Realities   

 from Three Master Teachers 

Spar Art

“The Art of Dreaming” 

by Carlos Castaneda 1993   

“A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose” 

by Eckhart Tolle 2005


“The Book of Light” 

messages from Jesus received by Alexandra Solnado 2007

~*~*~*~*Three Excerpts from Three of my Favourite books~*~*~*~*

Carlos Castaneda shares his personal lessons and training from the sorcerer Don Juan.

In this except from “The art of dreaming” Carlos asks Don Juan about a sorcerer's ability to 'See'   

~To perceive the Essence of Reality ~

page 3

“What would it mean to me to perceive the energetic essence of things?” I once asked Don Juan. 

“It would mean that you perceive energy directly,” he replied, “By separating the social part of perception, you'll perceive the essence of everything. Whatever we are perceiving is energy, but since we can't directly perceive energy, we process our perception to fit a mold. This mold is the social part of perception, which you have to separate.”   

“Why do I have to separate it?” 

“Because it deliberately reduces the scope of what can be perceived and makes us believe that the mold into which we fit our perception is all that exists. I am convinced that for man to survive now, his perception must change at its social base.”

“What is this social base of perception, don Juan?” 

“The physical certainty that the world is made of concrete objects. I call this a social base because a serious and fierce effort is put out by everybody to guide us to perceive the world the way we do.”   

“How then should we perceive the world.?” 

“Everything is energy. The whole universe is energy. The social base of our perception should be the physical certainty that energy is all there is. A mighty effort should be made to guide us to perceive energy as energy. Then we would have both alternatives at our fingertips.” 

“Is it possible to train people in such a fashion?” I asked.   

Don Juan replied that it was possible and that this was precisely what he was doing with me and his other apprentices. He was teach us new way of perceiving, first, by making us realize we process our perception to fit a mold and, second, by fiercely guiding us to perceive energy directly.”

Spar Art

From Eckhart Tolle “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose” 

A powerful and direct transmission which carries the mission of transforming human consciousness by consciously creating evolution, through human connection and collective healing. Eckhart discusses the pain body and its relation to our daily realities.   

 “The Pain~Body

 The greater part of most people's thinking is involuntary, automatic, and repetitive.   It is no more than a kind of mental static and fulfills no real purpose.   Strictly speaking, you don't think: Thinking happens to you.” 

“...The voice in the head had a life of its own. Most people are at the mercy of that voice; they are possessed by thought, by the mind. And since the mind is conditioned by the past, you are then forced to reenact the past again and again. The Eastern term for this is karma. When you are identified with that voice, you don't know this, of course. If you knew it, you would no longer be possessed because you are only truly possessed when you mistake the possessing entity for who you are, that is to say, when you Become It.   

...The degree of identification with the mind differs from person to person. Some people enjoy periods of freedom from it, however brief, and the peace, joy and aliveness they experience in those moments make life worth living. There are also the moments when creativity, love, and compassion arise.   

Others are constantly trapped in an egoic state. They are alienated from themselves, as well as from others and the world around them. When you look at them, you may see the tension in their face, perhaps the furrowed brow, or the absent or staring expression in their eyes. Most of their attention is absorbed by thinking, and so they don't really see you, and they are not really listening to you. They are not present in any situation, their attention being either in the past or future which, of course, exist only in the mind as thought forms. ”    pgs 129-131

Spar Art

         Jesus transmits messages directly to us, answering our prayers and questions to him. 

Through the hand of Alexandra Solnado “The Book of Light, Ask and Heaven will Answer” was born. 

“You are the reason I created this book...This book is for You. For you who are reading these words at this very moment.”   

The book is intended to be used as an Oracle, and includes rune tokens that may be used to select a message. Using Visualizations and by focusing my attention, I will choose a page to share with you today.   

 “53 – Attachment 

                    Every day, life offers us the opportunity to reestablish priorities.   Every day, every hour, the Universe reharmonizes everything that is out of balance. Whatever is not centered is modified by the energetic system. 

Whenever you believe you possess something, even if it is a subconscious thought, the Universe gets ready to take it away. Even if you are not aware of it, you are constantly attaching yourself to something. And by doing so, you lose your freedom. You become chained to what you have attached yourself to. You can become attached to anything: to people, material possessions, ideas, ideals, judgments, words, or choices.   

When you realize that you no longer want to let it go, to means you have become too attached. When you think you will never suffer loss, it means that you have become too attached. And it is here that you become a prime candidate for loss.   You have to let go... 

Give yourself permission to disconnect from things, from the idea that you have to be strong, that things belong to you. These are losses that will hurt. It is true, they do hurt.   

But they prevent definitive Loss, they prevent life from being as hard on you as you are on Yourself.   

pgs 71-72



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