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JOIN ME Nikki Colombo LIVE ON RADIO WITH TARA Tara Allgood Join your host Tara Allgood, with special guest Nikki Colombo as they delve into the mysterious depths of Earth’s mysteries. Nikki is a professional singer from Australia who was contacted by evolutionary forces of light after a spontaneous kundalini experience in 2005 and prepared for her role as ascension guide. Nikki and Tara are kindred and have a lot in common, so this is bound to be an electrical, conversation about the most mind blowing concepts like Earth’s electromagnetic grids, Earth’s energy fields, ascension mechanics, enlightenment, immortality, merkaba fields and consciousness expansion. Join us for the fun this Tuesday, January 30, 2018 at 8PM EST, 5PM (PST) in Australia it will be, Wednesday, 12PM AEDT. Don’t forget you can also download the episode afterwards to your phone and use your favourite MP3 player to listen at your leisure. A chance for Q and A will be provided at the end of the show, to ask a question call 323-927-2944 during live recording, and press “1” to enter the que to come on live. You may call to merely listen as well, or use this link to stream live online or download the podcast:

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