Possibly The First macro demonstration of a Quantum connection i.e Quantum Entanglement.

in spirituality •  7 months ago

Are we on the cusp of being able to understand (not demonstrate, this has been done) 'psychic' phenomena under scientific conditions?

Have scientists with the discovery of tiny magnetite crystals in our brain, stumbled into new territory?

Magnetite brain crystals are not unique to humans, they are believed to play a role in several animals being able to navigate based on the earths magnetic fields. It's a fairly recent discovery (90's) in scientific terms, that the human brain synthesises magnetite and our brains contain thousands of these tiny crystals, research has been ongoing since.

No one knows for sure what role they play, but something about this discovery greatly excites me. One of the experiments described in the video below involved surrounding two people in separate rooms with a computer controlled magnetic field. When shining a flash light in one persons eyes in one room, it produced effects in the brain of another person in a separate room as if he/she was exposed to the light also, and it's possible there is some connection to these magnetite crystals in this process. This is possibly the first macro demonstration of quantum entanglement, and it's thoroughly exciting.

When you're someone who experiences this kind of phenomena but at the same time is very scientifically minded and logically orientated, you're often in limbo, not fitting in with this side or the other.

So I try my best to look into things with the resources I have available to me, and this has really grabbed my attention.

It is well documented that the government & military employ remote viewers, and Physicist and author Russell Targ has done extensive research into psychic phenomena, remote viewing, ESP and more. He also under a NASA program developed an ESP trainer, which anyone can download with an IOS compatible device. These phenomena are being scientifically examined, which may surprise you. Anyone who says to me 'Oh but there's no scientific evidence, so I don't believe it', actually bewilders me. Have you actually done any research into any of the sciences since you left education all those years ago? Or read any scientific journals, publishing sites, or independent authors' work? Or have you only absorbed what you see on facebook or the main stream media? Because it sounds like it, and your ignorance is not a valid argument I am afraid dear.

It takes a long time for research to filter down into the general public, for example, did you know that at least 50% of stars in the observable universe have a planet/planets orbiting them? That means there are thousands, possibly millions of planets out there! I was gob smacked when I found this out, how come this isn't common knowledge? It was actually discovered over 20 years ago!

So if you have not made a conscious effort to track scientific research in whatever your field of interest is since you left school, then you can be sure that your understanding is heavily outdated, people often cling to their comfort zone blindly arguing until they are blue in the face about facts that no longer hold true.

What was my point?? Ah yes. These phenomena have been scientifically studied but nothing solid really (not that I know everything) to suggest a semi decent hypothesis for explaining how such phenomena occur, until now, in my opinion.

Dr Bruce Lipton, a biologist, did extensive research showing that human cells are influenced by something external, by the outer environment, there was some sort of invisible field of 'knowledge' which was influencing the cells of our body, (check out his book- The Biology of Belief).

Are these magnetite crystals in our brains some sort of antennae? Which connect us to each other, nature, and even God/Creator and play a role and all of the above mentioned? Are they part of what facilitates some of the things I have discussed & experiences in my Empathy blogs? This is what races through my mind.

Here's a short video for you to get some more information about these magnetite crystals and decide for your self.

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Cool. Maybe we won’t need chips in our brains after all. Just amp up those magnetite crystals.

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Yes, my b.f suggested we put magnets on our head to see if we can ramp up these crystals!!

He can try that if he wants! haha!

Maybe these crystals are some sort of cosmic chips!

I do not really think we are embedded with those crystals. Our cerebrum is a source of imagination that captures the nature's awesomeness of nature directly from our eyes...we only reason from what we hear or see, images are picturized just in one sight and left blur for decades.

Nature has made us rival and seek for answers


This blog wasn't just something i made up, scientists have found magnetite crystals in our brains. What exactly their function is, is what is up for debate. :)


Oh! I doubted your finding...intially I thought it was a sort of fantasy or perhaps you were speaking out of imagination.

I had to research more on it and just came with some findings...indeed knowledge is limitless

It's obviously embedded in the brain...Science has it that it taps UV light from the environment in quantum converts to a source of energy and sends to mitochondria for ATP production. However the light interaction helps in cellular communition in the brain.

They are actually ferromagnetic and encased in a magnetosome or membrane...packed in the neurons and are responsible for controlling the ion gated channels in the brain.

These magnetites are absorbers of radiant energy and generates electromagnetic field...they are sensitive and help in signal tranduction towards external electromagnetic field thus can tranduce these into a sort of vibration. I think it works like antenna


I thought you thought this! haha.

But I am so happy to see you went off to look into it, and thanks for clarifying some things i would be lying if i said i looked at all the research about it. They have been found to have many functions in the brain, and a few more hypothesised ones too. It will be exciting to follow to see what more they can find out!

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