Are We More Than Our Physical Bodies?

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What if the swamis, mystics, yogis, gurus, sages, teachers, pastors, priests, shamans, witches, sorcerers, seiðrs, etc were right, and we are more than our physical bodies? What if we are part of an infinite, eternal energy source which has been called by many names? What if what we call reality is a universal consciousness outside of space and time expressing itself within the dimensional space we find ourselves in using a construct we call time to make sense of it all?

What if matter can truly be altered across space and time through our emotional intention and focus?

If this power did exist, what would our experience of life be like if everyone could learn to access it and create new cycles of energy which directly impacts their bodies and minds on a cellular level and below?

I think we're approaching an age of transparency. The age of secret, esoteric gnosis which could only be trusted to a select few within a hierarchy is giving way to a decentralized, networked structure of shared power and responsibility. Technology, a natural expression of our human nature, has played a role in changing our relationship to empathy and knowledge (the novel connecting us to "the others" and cooking predigesting our food for more calories to support more neurons). This expression is now showing up in immutable, transparent methods of accounting we call "distributed ledger technology" or simply "blockchains" to create global, non-violent consensus. There are many different blockchains with different characteristics and focus, but they all share the same property of empowering the individual to have more freedom and control over their own existence. Most are radically transparent, while some also respect the need for encrypted privacy.

Blockchains will change what we call reality.

From a certain perspective, they already have. The future I envision, again, from a certain perspective, has already happened outside of space and time as a potential within an infinite number of potentials. It has no governments which hold their monopolies on currency, justice, law, or "defense" using threats of violence. It has abundance for everyone who seeks it. It has freedom, prosperity, joy, and most of all, love.

What some call "heaven" might be a potential we can experience right here, right now. The internal space of mind creates realities which impact the body which then create actions and reactions in the physical world. We are powerful.

Or maybe everything I said above is a bunch of bullsh*t, and we're just a social species which evolved to create stories of meaning to make sense of our conscious existence.

What do you think?

(If you're curious, I'm currently listening to this book.)

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I think both premises are partially correct. There's more to consciousness than the sum of a human being's parts (more specifically the human brain and neural/endocrine systems), but that doesn't necessarily equate to mysticism. It's a simple fact that human consciousness is something heretofore undefined, yet objectively and measurably different than anything else that has been measured in the Universe so far.

Something a certain infamous philosopher elucidated for me recently is that there's no such thing as "supernatural." There's either an objective reality in nature or a misrepresentation of it. In all circumstances this is true, regardless of how we think or feel about it. I wish I could recall the exact details of the logical proof that convinced me. Paraphrasing, if it's measurable, it's real, otherwise, it's superstition.

In all examples of previous superstitious thinking about natural phenomena, it has been at some point assigned a superstitious and supernatural explanation before a true understanding of each phenomenon has been observed and adequately described. To sum this up, there is nature which is understood, and nature which is poorly understood. The word supernatural might more aptly be assigned to the latter. We don't need to ascribe it to superstitious assumptions about nature. We just simply can say, "We don't know (yet)."


I love the "We Don't Know" answer. It's the most accurate and truthful. And yes, I think that revelation about "supernatural" changed my life for the better.

Hey Luke!

Yes, you're correct - there is a shift in consciousness happening now, It's the age of aquarius that has started, rising the vibration rate of the whole planet.
More and more people are called to their spiritual awakening and realize the true meaning behind our existence - which is to grow, evolve and ascend. Rather than being caught up in the daily struggles and distractions of life!
Time is nothing more than a construct that humans created.

Blockchain technology is definitely playing a vital part in this new age of transparency, and this is only the beginning. The power is being returned to the people and that's exactly how it's supposed to be!

Thank you for sharing this insight, by talking about this information publicly we are raising the awareness and help more and more people to wake up.

Let's remember what our souls came here to do - to bring more light to this planet and make it a better place. We should all join forces and come together as one!

Namaste 🙏

2019-03-23 15.47.32.jpg

Honestly, I don't believe any of it.
I love the whole idea of people putting their intentions out into the universe, and the universe provides... but I'm convinced that's more about people being focused and interpreting situations into useful opportunities. I really do think most spiritual situations is mainly coincidence and people's interpretations. People can witness an event and interpret it in an infinite number of ways.

I do think that after we die, there's no part of us that lives on... except the memories we instill in others, and the legacy we leave behind... and that's completely okay. We really don't need to be remembered forever.. but if we try to leave the world in a better place than when we entered it, then we've done our job.

That said... it's super hard to tell a child that lost their parent that they aren't in a better place looking over them...

Obviously we feel a connection between others and animals and things, and if people want to give that a name other than fondness, that's great... if it means people treat their community and environment then I'm all for it... but if it also means people choose what they feel connected to, and what they don't... and act uncharitably towards people, animals, things outside their circles then they're probably doing more harm than good.

With the utmost of respect Luke, I'm opting for 'utter bollocks' ;-)
Serious answer is that as intelligent humans, we seem to have this intrinsic requirement to find purpose, to find greater good and as such we seem to create intricate uncomprehendable mysterious powers and expanded places in time and space.
I'd suggest that religion, originally concieved to explain the unexplainable and thus create power over the masses due to their percieved belief that such religious leaders had special knowledge that they looked up to, is the reason for most of this searching.
At the end of the day, we have an inquisitive nature, and if we begin running out of things to inquire about, we start inventing stuff.
Until evolution gives us the ability to be at peace with ourselves and accept we have no reason for being and that we get our 70 or 80 years before permanently bowing out, humanity will be blighted by constant belief systems fighting for attention and trying to impose themselves on others's belief systems.
We need to let this go. We need to learn to live and let live and accept we all breathe the same air and share the same resources and all have an equal right.
Develop empathy and compassion whilst pushing arrogance jealousy and greed out of the human psyche.
Or perhaps its me whos talking bollocks, I can also accept that possibilty too.
Best wishes to you and the wife :-)


Utter bollocks is certainly a valid, reasonable answer! The book I linked to as a sub note may be interesting to you though. I also find stuff like this super fascinating:

(especially the quantum entangled, delayed double split experiment). When my friends who actually understand quantum mechanics talk about this stuff relating to time, space, and potentiality, that's when I really listen. There's some really spooky stuff out there. We can ignore it for now, but I think a time is coming when that knowledge will become more mainstream and it will force many of us to re-think our own reality.


I am happy to report that at this level, my intelligence runs out so I can remain blissfully ignorant!
I know there are a great many things that I'm sure we don't yet understand, but I remain committed that within my time here I will try to whatever I feel is right for myself and others as often as possible because I also know that there is no way I will understand things like quantum mechanics so I will leave it to those that do, and have a certain amount of trust in what they tell me! I try to question everything and make rational and reasonable judgements but sometimes, like many others, I'm just not clever enough...this population intelligence differential is a humanity problem in itself.
I will watch the video and check out the book. I do actually find this stuff interesting when it's presented in principals I can grasp!!
Thanks for the share and I look forward to reporting back! A beautiful weekend to you both.


I agree, when it's presented in a format I can comprehend (reason, logic, evidence, skepticism, etc), it's easier for me to grasp. At the same time, there's a hint on the edges of my mind that I'm still missing something important by remaining in the realm of physicality. That might also be my early religious teaching at work and/or the nature of our consciousness to find meaning, even if we have to create it ourselves.


Thank you for putting up The Simulation Hypothesis. It was a lot to take in and I need to watch it again. I looked through your post and I find the things and thoughts you share interesting. I am going to follow and looking forward to your future post.


Thank you. :)

While your topic is too deep, it reminds me of one developer comapring blockchain and distributed ledger to dna.

The way the dna code is distributed among each cells, each molecules to perform their functions and as a result form and continue maintaining living beings including us kinda reminds of how we are trying to make blockchain technologies to work the similar way.

In this sense blockchain has been a reality from the beginning.

I feel we are in the age of "frequency" When you awaken to the infinite quantum of your own consciousness, then you shall access the quantum river of LOVE! It is the time where all souls, must awaken to their accountability of their inner dimension and mind/heart congruence, then we all shall ascend together in this matrix of energy. We are conditioned from a very fragile age to know reality and frequencies as an abstract concept outside ourselves.. Tone up, Wake up Be Accountable for your god/goddess within ... my 42 cents for the day :)


Ha ha, I digged the way you ended this post 😂 not becuase I think it's all BS but just cause it made me chuckle.

The question, 'are we more than our physical bodies?'

I identify as an atheist, so logically many would think my answer would be no. But I remember having a reoccurring experience as a young child where as I was falling asleep it felt like I was on a 'RoundAbout' (MerryGoRound is the american colloquialism) which was going faster and faster. At some point I would feel like I flew off the spinning MerryGoRound and would see myself in my bed below, before it all faded into a dream. I'm aware that what I describe here is classed as an 'out of body' experience. But my atheist side would say that that whole experience was the cause of a hypnagogic state caused by being self-aware in the brief period between being awake and asleep. The fact that it wasn't always followed by flying dreams, or even normal dreams kind of bares this theory out to my mind.

But it has always struck me that it doesn't matter whether it is a function of the subconscious, or if there is some type of higher power/energy which allows humans to be able to make a separation from the body like this. The result is what matters and in that experience I most definitely felt a separation of spirit/personality, whatever it is that I call me inside my head, from my physical body.

These types of questions have always fascinated me as I feel a deep affiliation with nature, wilderness areas and the wildlife I can observe there is what inspires the best of my creative works. If I visit an uninhabited island near where I live and sit observing the seal colony, then poetry just flows is if it's passing through me rather than me writing it. Man.... I guess I'm a bit of a conflicted atheist 😂

What you say about blockchain is what I have hoped it will remain ever since I really started to educate myself about how it truly works

This expression is now showing up in immutable, transparent methods of accounting we call "distributed ledger technology" or simply "blockchains" to create global, non-violent consensus.

It has no governments which hold their monopolies on currency, justice, law, or "defense" using threats of violence. It has abundance for everyone who seeks it. It has freedom, prosperity, joy, and most of all, love.

I feel like this is the greatest potential of blockchain technology and exactly why the people involved now need to focus on protecting it from appropriation by banking and governmental entities. Greed is my biggest concern for the future of this true potential, as if everyone just keeps using the truly decentralized blockchains and cryptocurrencies then the appropriation isn't really possible and the monopolies collapse.

But they will try using greed, the chance to make money through trading etc to try and devalue the blockchains that show all the right qualities you have mentioned; immutable, transparent methods of accounting that can bring global none-violent consensus.

I hope blockchain realizes the potential I saw in it once I'd really started to understand things a bit better, the redistribution and evolution of power structures, as well as economical structures.

I think it still can 🙂


Thank you for your comment. I love the exploration of the possible potentials without the labels. "Christian" and "Atheist" really do limit our potentials. I've used labels most of my life, and I realize more and more they aren't really serving me, but the people around me who want to more easily define "me" in their minds. Sometimes I think that's a benefit which may not be that important. Sometimes people are just... different and have to be figured out as individuals.


Yes, labels are useful as a tool for people to classify people. But I've think you hit three nail on the head that it's liberating to but define yourself with labels in your own head, even when those around you need to label you this or that for their own reasons.

I've found myself worrying less about how I define myself as I've grown older and especially in my late 30s where I'm at now. I just don't really need those labels to validate my identity anymore. And I think we as humans can be fluid in our beliefs and psychological make up, in fact it's healthy 🙂

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seems obvious to me that we are more than physical bodies. but i am a libra, before I knew it to be so..

i did meditation, and reflected on times that my consciousness was 'altered' (time i got nearly knocked out) (that time i went around a corner super fast and felt so alive that I forgot about how upset i was at the world) .. those times helped me to examine the gap between the thinking mind and something else. it is only when time is squeezed out that the real you emerges.

i studied the amazing people of the world, doing feats that are thought humanly impossible i found people living without food or water, burned themselves alive without apparent pain, tibetan monks physical abilities, bruce lee...

this guy that survived impaling, said it was only possible when he was in a meditative state of divine connection... once broke his arm and repaired it by going into that state... here is a video...

(note on the video..i didn't listen to the words, i just watched, i found information later about him online, wasn't easy to find and years ago.. mirin dajo.. that is his name)

found a man that could start fire with his hands..

and we haven't even made it to india yet. Check out Yogananda 'Autobiography of a Yogi' .. at the very least interesting.

in the end, you won't believe until you do it for yourself, begin to raise your awareness by meditation. it is amazing how much we miss, how much we ignore, and how much we can be fully present in our bodies.

it is kinda funny in a way, most people are hardly present in their bodies at all.. yet think of themselves as that alone.


Wow, that's some fascinating stuff right there:

Thanks for sharing.


Mirin Dajo
Arnold Gerrit Henskes (6 August 1912 – 26 May 1948), known by the pseudonym Mirin Dajo, was a Dutch performer. He became famous for radically piercing his body with all kinds of objects and apparently without injury, even astounding the medical community at the time.

I think that both are true. Humans are definitely a social species that create stories to give meaning to our world. There are many cognitive heuristics (shortcuts) and biases that influence how humans interpret information (confirmation bias, availability bias...and so on, times 100+). These heuristics also generally make humans extremely good at finding patterns in completely random events, as is the case with people who believe that a certain number holds some sort of significance to them and tend to see it everywhere they go. But on the other hand, I definitly believe that there is more to reality than our physical bodies. Reality to us, is mostly just an interpretation based on how we humans specifically perceive the world. Because of the functions of our left hemisphere brain, we tend to perceive reality as linear, sequential, and through language. How reality is perceived is completely different under altered states of consciousness though. I often discuss the effects that psilocybin mushrooms has on our perceptions of reality. Interestingly though, individuals who experience a stroke in their left hemisphere brain perceive reality in a similar way as a mushroom experience (according to a neuroscientist who talks about her stroke experience via Ted Talks). I'm noticing that I am starting to ramble on but my point is that there is definitely more to reality than our basic understanding/common experience of it.

What you are discussing in regards to blockchain fitting in with this idea is a bit over my head to be honest so I cant comment on that specifically.

Lastly, if you haven't heard about this already, scientist recently were able to reverse time using a quantum computer. This was on a quantum level of course. That seems like something you might be interested in? There are a ton of articles on the subject that can be found by googling "scientists reverse time" so I wont bother posting a link. Anyway, thought you might be interested in that :)

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Fascinating stuff indeed! Thanks for sharing.

I think that thoughts are energy and energy is everything around us. What we have in our minds that the universe manifesting in our world. We have the power to make our life here happy and earn experiences. When we die then we can rebirth on the earth, if we want or have to earn more experiences...

When you imagine, that you have the power to change your world, then you will become capable of it. Do you want it?

I certainly think we are more than our physical bodies, but I don't know what that has to do with blockchains. As awesome as technology is, I'm careful not to ascribe to it qualities it doesn't have. Technology can't change the basics of human nature. There will always be people who want to control things. Even the most benevolent of governments have people who want maximum control.


Technology can't change the basics of human nature.

You sure about that?

What if technology created human nature?


It's an interesting thought experiment, but our ancestors drew a simpler conclusion. Her statement that "the simplest solution is ..." isn't correct. It's simpler to believe we were created in the image of a God who embedded his intelligent qualities within us in a more limited format. No mathematics involved in drawing that conclusion. ;-)


It's simpler to believe we were created in the image of a God who embedded his intelligent qualities within us in a more limited format.

It may be "simpler" to believe in mythology, but that doesn't make it more accurate or more helpful for navigating reality, IMO, but I'm not on team religion anymore.


A myth is simply a storytelling genre that describes a way of looking at the world. All cultures have had them. Atheism and humanism have developed their own myths.

We are more than our physical bodies. However, the swamis, mystics, yogis, gurus, sages, teachers, pastors, priests, shamans, witches, sorcerers, seiðrs, etc are not right. You have to figure it out for yourself. If what they say is useful, use it. If not, come up with some new ideas. There is a lot of superstition.


Lots and lots of superstition. I agree.

Hi Luke! Great meeting you in Puerto Rico! My post is up. I tagged you in it, but I don't seem to get notification when people tag me so I figured I would let you know here.


Thanks for letting me know! It was great to meet you. :)

Oh yes ! We are so much more powerful than we actually know 🙌😘

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@lukestokes, In my opinion whatever Questions we have for that we are only Answers and for your question i want to respond with an example, First of all i want to say that we are more than Physical Bodies and to understand see this way, we see dreams but some dreams physically effect us means, it reflects as in dream we've reached to a different place but some events happens then we return to our conscious state but this return can shake us because in my opinion this is the time when our soul is coming back from dream state to the physical state. There is so much truth to know and still we are hidden from the truth and kept under the darkness. Let's hope that truth will reveal itself.

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Is a mountain more than a pile of rocks?

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Depends on the category you use to describe it, I guess. Many times we humans make categorical errors when describing things.

Yes, we are spiritual being. At least that's been my experience. :)

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I like the idea we can manipulate matter with our focus and intensions. It helps me feel the purpose of being here. I don't know if it's true but I'm going to act like it is. What do I have to loose?

I do not know about my body to why it just keeps going and going despite that I am suffering loads of complications from being a dialysis patient for 17 years, maybe there is a force behind it @lukestokes

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the human existence is still very much a mystery, so I will still keep believing that there is a God until anything concrete comes to change that.

Buh, my answer would be toooooo long. Lets keep it short and simple: YES we are much more! Of course I cannot guarantee it with my intellectual mind, but I feel it since I am a child. No doubt at all.

But I had my moments of doubt... especially when I read Nietzsche with 19. Two years later I came out of this and had some impressive experiences and now - NO DOUBT AT ALL.