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What's The Point? Considering Giving Everything Up

in spirituality •  2 years ago

I rarely ever do MJ... when have you "seen how stoned" I am? I get a fair amount of people who have said in the last year I look stoned a lot... but I'm not.. .that's just how I look.

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i saw you chuffing a joint in the stateside show recently. maybe your medicinal cannabis leaf with breakfast aids the look. Anyway thank you for your input useful as ever, you seem to have the midas touch. Q, how do i appy for libre land citizenship......and when could i realistically move there?


Technically, you contribute €5000 and you qualify for citizenship but they're really after motivated, influential people so just putting down money doesn't guarantee anything. At least, going by various posts on





my apology - i called it as i saw it - very glad your not addicted to daily use of any drug. Please don't hold it against me, i was wrong and admit it.