I Am the Word: A Study in Manifesting the Divine - Part 2

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Part 1

Prologue: In the Beginning

The times have changed and the time for recognition of yourself as a Divine Being has come. Period.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You are a Divine Being. Always have been, always will be.

[...] the lie is that you are not the Christ, and it has always been the lie.

For the past two thousand or so years we have been telling ourselves this lie, and we have been reinforcing the lie in others. The thought that we are separate from God is so ingrained in our minds that we never even fathom that we could be divinity. We come in with "original sin," right? Some of us think God is outside of ourselves, we pray as if we're begging to some king in the sky to help us.

The message of the Christ teaching was this(self-identity as the Christ) in completeness and it has been regarded as something other, as parable for far too long.

We think of ourselves as peasants in this world when in truth we are kings and queens, God-men and God-women. We are one with the Creator, and we are always creating, sometimes we just do so unconsciously.

Once you understand that on a higher level your frequency is one with your Creator, everything seems to change.

These books are here to help us in recognizing the Truth of what we are, they are here to help us claim our divine birthright, the Christ frequency.

The Christ within you is a frequency that is aligned within the heart center and it glows like a flame and it brings to it that vibration and frequency that co-resonates with it.

Everything in our life is in resonance with our frequency. When we align to the Christ it will bring only that which is in co-resonance with it, the truth. No lie can be in resonance with the truth, so no fear is present at this frequency because "all fears are liars." None of the lies we tell ourselves about ourselves and about others will be present in our world.

As we acclimate to this frequency we will begin to see the lies for what they are, we will begin to see how we've been unconsciously creating our entire lives because we will rise above all we have known and expand our purview. What does it mean to become the Christ in frequency?

It means that you align to a frequency, to a vibratory frequency that is higher than the physical realm, and that is higher than the emotional realm, and that is higher than the mental planes. It is a high frequency. It is the causal frequency.

The causal frequency, the frequency that causes all others. This is a place we haven't known, we've only known the physical, mental, and emotional, and our understanding of those planes is often limited. So there is inherent fear here, fear of the unknown. It means we will be in a new place where the rules and the perceptions have changed, we will be operating in a different way, we will be operating as the Christ, God in manifestation. And I'm pretty sure none of us know what that means fully. Yet.

Crazy right? This type of thinking, this line of thought could get a guy called out. Who would be so bold as to claim such a thing?? Well, I would, for one and I implore you to drop any feelings of unworthiness in order to take the books as they are written, literally.

[...] this is the moment in the history of man where man has an opportunity to become one with his soul's destiny.

This is the time of the resurrection of the Christ. The Christ mission has always been to be risen in man. [...] the predominant obstruction to this action has been the frequency of fear

"Your body is precious, it is the vehicle for awakening, treat it with care"

Our work is realization. Our work is the reception of the Christ frequency, aligning to it and allowing that frequency to work through us. This body is a vessel for our consciousness, once our consciousness changes, our body changes, our thoughts and perception changes, everything changes.

[...] the Christed Self will become realized within you to the extent that you align to its vibration.

The teaching is simple, that doesn't mean it is easy, that's why the guides repeatedly tell us they are here to support us, that's why they give us practices and claims to make to align to the Christ.

The remainder of the book will be a process of transformation, a release of beliefs long held to be true, recognition and release of fear, realization of ourselves as children of God.

I don't know about you, but I'm excited.


All unmarked quotes taken from I Am the Word by Paul Selig


woo, yeah I am excited, these words really 'resonate.' Funny how that word 'resonate' crops up so much :). This sounds like a really beautiful book and its wonderful that you are sharing your exploration with us. There are so many seeming paths, and I don't know about you Jake, but I feel deeply blessed to have discovered them. And they do obviously have that recognition or resonance.
I was lucky enough to go to a Paul Hedderman talk last evening and tohugh his delivery is a million miles from say Ruperts, the resonance, the love is so utterly palpable and in accord. The messenger has very little relevance. much like the texts we read and the paths we find ourselves following.
So, yes thank you again for providing yet another avenue to share.

Exactly, its all about the presence, I'm sure you got a lot out of it! And yes, I feel absolutely blessed, the lessons I've learned seemingly came out of nowhere.

If you have some time, I highly recommend the book, it's something else

You are really doing some well written pieces.

Thanks, these are tough to put into words, but hopefully I get better with time

Great analogy brother, thanks for your hard work!