What Day Is The First Day?

pre9ag7ltu.jpgI was writing my to-do's in my daily planner last night. I write in the daily sections in the weekly pages. I flipped the page to look over the last week of August. Wait, there is one full week of August left. Why I am seeing the month calendar for September? I flipped some more to find the last week of Auguest in the first week of September.


Because they have their weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday. That Sunday is Sept. 1st, so they included that week under the month of September.

Sigh.. What is with calendars starting their weeks on Mondays? It's confusing! Yea, yea, yea. The first business day starts on Monday. So? Ask anyone the first day of the week and they will tell you it's Sunday. Or I hope they tell you it's Sunday, because it is.

I can't help wonder if these confusing calendars are part of a spiritual agenda. An agenda to validate those who observe the first day of rest vs. those that observe a 7th day of rest.

Is it a stretch? Maybe. But the enemy is always at work. And he is sneaky.


We know the command to rest on the 7th day, but the command is also "six days you shall labor and do all your work". I wonder then if it's a sin to reserve some work for after the seventh day, since the command is to do ALL your work in six days.

I looked it up in Hebrew it literally says "six days you shall serve and do all of your business"

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That’s a good observation. Man, that is tough. Sometimes I just can’t get everything done with the time I have. I do my best, but some things end up having to wait.

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Howdy hebrewhousewife! Day of rest? There isn't any for a mother with kids at home! lol. I'm sure they mean job-like and career-like work and commerce. I have no idea if it's a conspiracy or not. Maybe it's their ignorance.

It definitely says not to work or make your servants work. Do not buy or sell. So we are definitely supposed to rest from job related tasks. There are parts that say to rest from ordinary work. That's rather vague.
What I end up doing now is only doing things that would be considered "picking up after oneself." So I'll clean up the table after a meal, maybe wash a couple of the dishes, things like that. It's hard to rest when the house is a complete disaster by noon! But I don't do chore type things like mopping, vacuuming, etc. And you're right! As a mother, sometimes it's hard to rest!

Howdy again hebrewhousewife! I agree and you are doing it right. I see you posting alot, even though we are getting less, that doesn't bother you?

I initially joined steemit in order to comment on a particular steemian's posts. (He has since left.) But I met others that I enjoy keeping in touch with. Earning money was just a bonus. (I still don't really know how to convert steem to usd very well lol) So the payments don't matter so much to me.

Oh I get it. So you joined to help support someone and then they left? lol. Well, it's a long term game so I wouldn't worry about converting steem for awhile. I think the Steem blockchain will continue to grow and become a major player in the crypto world so I think it's a good investment.

There are so many great things happening on the blockchain, one can't even keep up. It's number 6 in the entire world(for blockchains) as far as the number of developers working on it. This doesn't have anything to do directly with steemit but it looks super encouraging for the strength and future of the Steem blockchain which will mean that steemit will continue also.

But the way to earn in the future, starting now, is through tokens like the esteem token, so it's smart to get on that platform.

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