This Week's Gift for You Steemfam! April 8, 2018

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Last week's card was Rose Quartz and it was all about falling in love with your life and valuing life itself. I got so inspired by this card that I created my very first contest here on steemit. One way I know how to get reconneted to the value my life is by stopping during my busy day and taking time out to enjoy nature. This week was also extremely tough for me and I will share about that in an upcoming post. But through it all, I kept reconnecting with gratitude and humbleness that it could have gone worse and it didn't. I also feel deeper in love with you Steemfam! I have received overwhelming feedback, financial support, thoughtful comments, and many helpful suggestions! I felt your love and for this, I am deeply grateful! Thank-you for giving back more than I could ever give you. I am inspired​ to be even more bold, more open, and give even more of myself here with you!

This Weeks Card Pull For You Is Dolomite:


Stay Strong in Your Faith

This card symbolizes a different kind of strength, built on the foundation of trusting your inner guidance. Not aggressive toward yourself or anyone else, it recognizes the need to honor everyone’s feelings and rights.
The message here is to stay internally focused upon your guidance. Keep your mind and heart filled with faith, even if your path seems illogical and you feel anxious or afraid. immerse yourself in positive activities, such as reading uplifting material, listening to gentle music, and attending spiritual or religious gatherings that boost your faith.
This card means that your outcome is dependent on keeping a positive mindset, which you do have control over. By choosing to pray for help, and making the choice to keep your surrounding as positive as possible, you embody Divine feminine strength (which is needed, even if you’re a mail). This is also a sign to stay strong with respect to your personal beliefs and faith.
About Dolomite: This beautiful cloud-like pearlescent stone is made of calcite and magnesium. It appears in white and gray colors, as well as the pink shown in the Angel's hand on this card. Pink dolomite has a soft and calming vibration, which is particularly supportive for feminine energy and health, including menstrual cycles.

Card Pulled from Crystal ANGELS oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

As always don't be shy and let me know what you think and what these cards are providing for you! Be good to yourself​ this week and take some time out for some self-care! Remember to honor yourself especially your feelings. Have an fan-freeking-tastic week and thank you for making this platform so much darn fun to post on! Leaving you with blessings and LOVE Steemfam!


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A positive outcome is dependent on you keeping a positive mindset... Very true. Thanks for this


I definitely​ agree! I am following you and appreciate​ your comment!

Verry nice post big thumbs up and a resteem from my side for hard work and dedication @ground2feet


Thank you! I'm following you and appreciate your resteem as I am trying to grow a community of like-minded thinkers here!

Thank you @ground2feet for sharing your love with us. As you say in your post, we will stay strong in our faith.


I'm happy you feel the love! I'll keep sending it!

i like this your post, thanks you


You're​ most welcome! Blessings to you and your family

nice and interesting post

Glad I came across this. Thank your for motivating the steemfam. I shall keep my mind and surroundings positive and hold the faith. Thank you.


I'm glad you did too! My time is limited and it inspires me to push on knowing​ that it's making a difference​ for great people like you!

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We cannot mesure how much we give and take as we are not on that level yet, it is only your humbleness :)

I believe, whatever is gotten, it is already being payed for. Hence, you already gave it. :)


Well said my cosmic sister! I really like your style!!!


Thank you very much!

Follow me please n comments my post please

Thanks for this @ground2feet. This is very helpful.

If you don't mind me asking, are you the single most influential person on Stemit?
Regards the card: It is you who decides how much positive an outcome is!


I am very new here on steemit but I am trying to be a positive force for the community and bring us together more.
The card: You are right we are the rulers of our minds and emotions....when you focus this power for good...good things happen!
Sending you love and light dear brother! Following you and I appreciate your comment!

This make me feel the good vibes, amazing post bro!


Awesome as that is my aim......share and spread good vibes here on the platform!

Hello, I am a student and I look forward to receiving your help

Linda publicacion te felicito @ground2feet, gracias por compartir, un abrazo con mucho amor.

I think we all have this "inner strength". I haven't discovered mine yet.


My biggest focus on this platform is to help share ways one can discover their personal power! The first thing to get is that we, in fact, have great power! So congratulations you are officially a warrior of light! Meditation​ is the single best way I know to begin to grow your power and have you be able to tap into it at will! Do you currently mediate or have a practice?

When everything is lost, Faith is the only thing to remain. Sadly, most people can understand your article, only after they touch the bottom.


You're right! It's often the last resort for people to find faith when all other avenues are exhausted! Brilliant tip for the community....Try putting faith first! Well put @unlimitedorizons! I'm following you for sure and checking out your posts! Blessings to you fellow warrior of light.


Thank you so much! I'd also add - It really gets easier, when we start to see 10 opportunities inside of 10 failures. At times it is difficult I know, Storm makes us hide at the shelters, but remember, when birds hide at the shelter, Eagle flies above the clouds. Keep faith and breath your dreams from the air <3


What a great metaphor! I'll be the Eagle this week!! Thank-you for such thoughtful comments!


I simply love your posts =))

Edifying your words, Thank you. The way of seeing things and the attitude one has to face life without helping us with our divinity

I am glad I came across this post. It is two days since we have slept. My husband and I takecare of my mil who is a dementia patient and it has been so for the past four years. I think it is the last stage because she now talks to imaginary, long dead relatives and also tries to run away and if stopped, gives a troubling time. a really stressful period for us. I hope and prayed that I remain positive and then I came across this post and the card you posted. Thank you, the Universe helps


I will send you love and light tonight during my evening meditation and I ask everyone else to hold you in their hearts as well. Stay positive​ and steadfast in your love for Mil. You are doing a great service for him/her and I acknowledge you for helping another who cannot help themselves....blessings and gratitude to you and your husband!


Thanks so much dear one

what is this card about, is it religious? and what I do with this keep it in my computer desk top or take a printout and keep in my office?? please explain


Great Question @jyoti-thelight! They are from a deck called "Angel Cards" by Doreen​Virtue​e. I pull a card each week and share the message with everyone here on steemit. You can print out the pictures if you like to remind you of the message for the week. I also look for ways the message from the card shows up in my life and share that with you. Please feel free to share how the message of the card shows up for you!

I feel the love and your writing is full of wisdom. Thank you, carry on with strength.