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Thank-you gang I got a got some great feedback and had some nice interactions with some of you from last weeks pull. So I'm going to keep this going for as long as you want it! I invite any of you to feel free to set the intention for next weeks pull just leave it in the comments. This week my daughter Mia pulled for us and we got a great one! So without further ado here we go.

This weeks card pulled for you is: Ametrine

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

This card comes up whenever you find yourself "Stuck" in your masculine energy because of a competitive or stressful work or family situation. Perhaps you feel like you've had to do battle, or be extra vigilant. Yet, there is a time to balance that masculine energy with nurturing gentleness of your feminine energy.
Every person has both masculine and feminine energy within, and balancing them is essential for health and effectiveness in life. The feminine energy receives divinely inspired ideas and creative insights, and the masculine energy puts these ideas into motion. Both are equally important, as they are 50-50 partners. Too much feminine energy can lead passivity, where dreams aren't acted upon, and too much masculine energy can result in uninspired or aggressive action. Prayers can help you find your balance. Once you do, you'll discover that your stress level will reduce, and you'll be better able to relax when you get home from work.


About AMETRINE this beautiful purplish stone has the sunset colors of gold peeking out from it, as it is a mixture of violet amethyst and yellow citrine. It's because of this dual nature that ametrine is considered such a wonderful stone for balancing your masculine and feminine​ sides.

Card Pulled from Crystal ANGELS oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

This one really resonated with me as spring is coming. I am getting ready to start my urban farm plot and I have been in the feminine​ all winter dreaming about what I'm going to grow and where I'm going to place everything. So the call for action and the masculine​ side is coming up for me. I feel the pull to spring​ clean, declutter, and start​ waking up from the dreamy phase of winter!
I welcome and rather enjoy your feedback. So don't be shy! Tell me what you think and what comes up for you with this card! Leaving you with blessing Steemfam!

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I’ve been in ultra masculine mode lately and am aware it stems from feelings of inadequacy. I need to find meaningful purpose in life, not just a job to survive. Easily bored, over reaching and setting myself up to fail just to win. Thanks for this inspiration.

Well as the card says why not try to balance some of that masculine energy some and maybe your life's work can be revealed to you. Do you ever college? I find that really helps me tune in to deeper thoughts, dreams, and desires? The way I do it is to put what I'm asking to "get" or a problem I'm dealing with on the back. This sets the intention. Then grab magazines and start zoning out a little and start finding images, colors, shapes, etc that pop out....without judgment. No words or phrases here as you are trying to tap into the right side "feminine" side of your brain. Then I hang it up in my room or somewhere where I can see it often.
Another thing that works for me is to take long walks in nature and get lost in the sights, sounds, smells, the air. I tune into being fully present....sometimes if I'm struggling to let go I will remove my shoes and walk barefoot through the woods. This can be a slightly uncomfortable way, but after stepping on a few sharp rock or sticks because my mind was wandering off, I tune in quickly lol. This is a true walking meditation.
Lastly, I'm sending you some grace. Your feelings can be strong and overwhelming at times and maybe, in this case, they are a signal for you to shift somethings in your life that leave you feeling more fulfilled​ in a deeper way. Spring is coming and it's a great time to turn things upside down, plant some new mental seeds, a begin to allow your life's purpose to revile itself​ to you!
Thank you for your heartfelt response and I hope that something I shared can make a difference for you! Blessings warrior!

Balancing the energies that control us is crucial for our well being and long term success. If you get to deep to the feminine you stop acting and if you are to masculine you become too hard.
Thank you for this lovely card to balance out our energies.

So tur so true....its all about balance isn't?

Yes and sometimes no, you know how it is...

good post!
have a nice day!

Thank you you too!!

nice post thanks for sharing this

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