True Meaning Of "Detachment"

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Detachment doesn't mean to simply go in robotic state of mind, ignoring everything & everyone building on our apathy.

It is actually awareness in it's purest form, awareness that let's you take a step back, breathe & realize what did influence a certain thought pattern/action & why did that happen.

Without detachment pure happiness can't be reached... Since we go through life with impulsive reactions to pretty much everything, being detached on the contrary, allows you to observe/question every single detail related to a situation that happened to you in 3D.

Emotional attachment is what matrix is built on, it causes many to act in the ways they usually wouldn't, relying on the pure mechanics of subconscious rather than what they actually are - infinite beings with infinite patience that's aware how everything is exactly how it should be at every present moment.

In a society prevalent with depression, anger, sadness, etc many are trying to escape their realities by stimulating their nervous system by external sources - alcohol, drugs, materialism but in reality everyone should chase light about the influences that are causing their mental processes.

Our conscious part is only 10% of what dictates our reality whereas subconscious mind stands at scary 90%

Meaning if you don't closely observe what goes to your subconscious eventually your life will be led by some unknown/external forces you probably won't be aware of

Combining of the conscious with the subconscious is one of the crucial steps to self-mastery. Right after the alchemical marriage of the masculine & feminine principles. The unification of this quadrinary mind aspect is overlooked in modern societies.

Psychoanalysts for example are stuck on physical aspect of brain functioning so they need some time before realization on the metaphysical barriers separating ego from spirit

Emotional detachment doesn't imply you should go around being emotionless zombie, it actually stands for not being controlled by various emotional impulses. In a reality like that we are no different than animals. When under stressful situation or traumatic event, it is hard to rationalize so the purpose of detachment would be the prevention of illogical thoughts entering the mind. When mastered, we encounter a completely new reality in which we are actually the masters of our lives.

The amount of self-control we speak about might be unimaginable to many, but by practicing meditation regularly along with connecting to our true mother (Gaia) this is something that can easily be overcame.

Majority of earth population is attached to society in a way they are only able to perceive it through 5 senses, meaning it is impossible in their realities to escape from the illusory walls we formed since the youngest of ages

What we have been taught ego is in psychology classes is not the same ego how it is defined in spirituality. The ego is illusion our minds formed based on everything we faced in life, as a defense mechanism

You could say it's ignorance against ignorance, that brings more ignorance. Ego is the attachment to various things, such as: the country you were born in, favorite sports team, the preferred political party, certain race, etc

If you were born on different side of the planet, all the beliefs you formed would be different & you'd still defend them as if they were yourself. Ego is the thingy that always takes things personal & tricks you in associating with the feeling, causing unnecessary division & conflicts where there should be none. Division is contrary to unity, where ego is the antichrist. It literally blocks Spirit which is the bride of Christ (Logos). As long as we are still attached to our ego, Christ cannot return through us. This concept can be found in the book of Revelation

Every single living being came from the same Source, humans included, we are all connected - one.

The collective ego of all humans is sentient which is why evil is intelligent. The Gnostics call this entity Yaldabaoth, and it can act through anyone still attached to it. It creates confusion, escalates conflicts and possesses oblivious people. This is the purpose of detachment. If we do not detach, we are like infants in this spiritual warfare. Even the Buddha knew this, saying attachment is the root of all suffering.

  • Ryan Archer

Yet even in the quote awakened community, many are still being attached hardly to their egos being unable to comprehend the real truth. Majority of Christians for example, are waiting for the Christ to return in his body on the earth, failing to understand how every single one of us has the potential to be Christ but we need to reach vibration of Love.

In Gnostic thought, Yaldabaoth is androgynous and reproduced within itself 7 androgynous entities called 'archons'. The sons are envy, wrath, tears, sighs, grief, lament and tearful groans and the daughters are anger, pain, lust, sighs, curses, bitterness and strife. There are 7 because of the 7 chakras and this is why the number is so prevalent in the book of Revelation, which is a gnostic book. Archons are metaphysical parasites that feed on negative energy we produce. This parasitic feeling is addictive which causes humans to continue a downward spiral until we destroy ourselves through ignorance.

  • Ryan Archer

When detached, we don't get bothered by cold & heat, dryness & wetness, pain & fear nor any other aspect connected to our physical nature. Focus on discomfort brings nothing rather than time & energy waste, and more in depth sense of the discomfort.

When we achieve equanimity, we are at true inner peace that can't be touched.

No matter what kind of obstacle we encounter on our life path, the feelings of tranquility & peace are present with no need for circumstances or opinion. We just are, flowing with the Youniverse - embracing everything as experience rather than with why always me pattern that is intertwined with ego.

The ego can't be satisfied. We can do all kinds of wrong things to feed it - anger, gossip, hate, purchasing things, achievements, chemicals, etc, but shortly afterwards, the ego will return stronger & hungrier than ever before

The ego tries to convince us that we must do things to achieve enlightenment. The spirit knows that enlightenment is not a matter of doing, but a magnificent consequence of being

  • Dean Jackson

This text was inspired by Ryan Archer.


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Thank you ua :)

I’ve been studying this material... I love how you have it explained here. Thank you! I want more, but I’m not attached to it... 😉❤️

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Haha, thanks :) appreciate it... I think you know it all deep inside yourself already ;)