New Age Bullshit Part 1 - Self Proclaimed "Lightworkers"

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Beware of people constantly spouting rhetoric about love and light. They are hiding something, or better yet, hiding from something.


“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
~Carl Gustav Jung

Like a person with a shirt that says "swag" or "savage", these types are usually compensating for something. Light and love is something more likely that they are trying for, hoping for, because its more often those who are lacking who put so much emphasis on those things.


What good is being in the light, talking about light? What good is light if it is not going into the dark places, having the courage to deal with the disturbing truths of our human condition? True "lightworkers" show people whats in the dark, the things that have been working against them, and humankind unbeknownst.

I dont talk much about light and love because thou art that.

I talk about the things that people keep hidden. Nothing of value is discovered in the light. Treasures are found in the dark. The truth is that most people hate true light workers because they expose their bullshit. The light burns them, their rhetoric becomes empty slogan exposing a circle jerking orgy of the fearful, those who only dwell in the well lit corners.

They call themselves lightworkers, but are easily offended, and refuse to deal with the "negativity" in the world, only surrounding themselves with those who buy into the cult of positivity. They are new age deceived.


Lightwork isnt talking about love and flowers, doing yoga, and going vegan; its about going into the darkness of the world and most of all, yourself, so if you are on social media spouting this rhetoric all the time, but only have safe conversations, only care about being liked, and only surrounded by smiles, you have little to no light.

I write this not to hurt those people, or for an ego boost, but to let others know, the ones that follow the dim, because of their appearances and talk. Those who go out of their way to only show themselves in a "light manner" are not the ones to follow if you yourself are seeking light in your life. Light comes when you do the work of transmuting that darkness within yourself first, understanding and coming to terms with it.

No amount of hippie music, new age bullshit memes or burning man festivals is going to do that. You have to have some balls, go into the darkness, and deal with yourself first.

"To begin a mystical journey, you have to start with a sense of wonder, of not knowing where you are going or how you will travel. The initial phase of alchemy is called the nigredo-it's the phase of darkness, when it's 'blacker than black.'"
~ Mary Pope Osborne

And how pretentious is it to call yourself a lightworker? Are you trying to attract a mindless cult?


A true lightworker doesnt tell everyone that they are that. Its apparent. Far more times than not, it is those who burn us with the truth, the things we didnt see before they came along, that are the brightest, and the very ones we turn away from, to go back into the comfort of ignorance; talking about light, but not being.

Most of all though, true lightworkers dont talk most exclusively about light and fluffy things. They talk about the shunned and forgotten things, because by sharing their understanding of the heavy, the painful, the dark, they bring light to where there was little to none.

With love,


I have heard people saying stuff like, do what feels good. Most of the time, I don't think they're talking about sensory gratification, but trying to find fulfillment. Even in that case, it's like you're describing. If you're constantly running to the good stuff you're going to miss the lessons that come from pain.

The counterpoint, I believe, is to be wary of people who encourage suffering. This can happen especially with ayahuasca ceremonies. There's always some discomfort associated, and so people end up glorifying it, and sometimes that can cause it.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

This is a really informative post! By the way, I've created a Steemit t-shirt for this amazing community. Hope that you like it!

Ok, here's my counterpoint from the other perspective:

There is a difference between empowering the dark vibes by putting attention on them and going into your shadow to heal and grow.

Attraction is always at work. If one is carrying around unconscious negativity and old pain, one is going to constantly replay versions of their triggers until they deal with them. Thus, dealing with ones shadow by purposefully paying attention to it can be the neccessary component to getting it out of ones field. However, this is VERY DIFFERENT than expressing all the negativity one feels, all the time. As I teach, one must set a container of some kind if one wants to work through heavier vibes, and start and end with love. One of the biggest downfalls of rising spiritual beings is falling into the trap of constant processing, freedom based emotional expression with complete disregard to creating ones reality, that expresses through language like "I have a RIGHT to feel upset, don't tell me to be all Shanti all the time!" Of course you have a right to feel however you feel! But hows that working for you?? Is letting your feelings control what windows are on your screen and what programs are using your RAM a way to have a good life? Is it helping you "feel better" or create what you'd like in your life? Chances are, no. This type of play is very VERY similar to a victim consciousness trap, and it is hard to get out of. One NEEDS to look at the shadows at some point to truly "burn their seeds" as one might translate old sanskrit, but NOT all the time. Inspiration, healthy nervous system and chemistry, laughter, relaxation, these elements are MORE important to health and success and happiness in life than transforming that one samskara (sankara in Pali).

Get some sanga who want to come together, mens circles or womens circles or your intentional community work well, and SET ASIDE A TIME WHEN YOU WILL WITNESS EACH OTHER IN YOUR PAIN AND CHALLENGE AND HEAR EACH OTHERS STORIES, WITH COMPLETE EMPATHY FIRST, AND THEN THE BEST OF REFLECTION. If one engages in a process like this regularly (most people could use a deep dive about twice a week I think) then the system is much lighter the rest of the time, one can live intentionally, and gradually, one transcends shadow.

This is not saying to walk around with a righteous pillar of light up your ass! Your ass muscles just contract to lift the light in your spine ;-) :-P
All jokes aside, it is VERY KIND of you to reflect upon your brothers and sisters awareness if they don't realize they are stressing and making cortisol and adrenaline, ESPECIALLY if they are doing it over nothing, like anxiously waiting for something you can't influence. There is a point where peoples expression becomes so emotionally bogged down that reason won't function, AND IN THAT MOMENT, EMPATHY is DEFINITELY BEST. Don't go telling a tantruming toddler how they are making themselves unhealthy through fitting. And many of us get into pain and upset that is that big, that even if they can understand your "new age" advice to "vibrate on purpose", they need more deeply to be heard to get out of their loop. There is a time and place for emergency processing support. But if the person is aware, it is VERY ADVANTAGEOUS to step back, restore a good vibe, and THEN go into the processing at some point, slowly, carefully, and actually untangle it like combing from the end of dreads to get them out. Diving right in to the thick of the knots is NOT (lol) going to help you get them out. Work inward from the place of peaceful composure deeper and deeper into the shadow. If you DON'T KNOW you have a shadow, and have to have some traumatic experience of freak out or "bad trip" medicine to show you its there, great, now you know, but you don't have to live from the center of it to get out of it, and in fact, you won't, you will stay there building more and more victim neurons that say you are justified in feeling bad and will get to keep on feeling that way for a long time.

May we all find supportive loving environments and people who hold us to living our highest in a peaceful way, and also hold space for us to scream and vomit and explore the depth of our pain, with a loving lifevest and rope to pull us out.


Every day I force people to look at themselves. No one wants to do it. Some can't handle it and leave. But the ones who stay are transformed. That is a lovely sight to behold. :-)

Wow, I'm sitting here reading and thinking "this sounds like my reality". A lot of these points are woven into the sub context of my work. And, it has felt like slowly untangling dreads (which I've done). It honestly got to the point of, my chemistry and nervous system IS priority right now. I can sometimes get lost, just drowning in the shadows (for weeks!). I DO need processing container - for my own functionality, and to prevent co-dependence. Your closing sentence sums it up so beautifully, and I forever deeply love those who have held that rope for me to climb out the quicksand of my own vomit and screams. I do want the light shone on these places, I do it all the time - at my own pace. And yes I will need support, and no I don't want to spend all my time there, and no I'm not pretending the work is already done. Feeling good on purpose is part of the work. When my physical and emotional body didn't agree that it was time to get better - thought it'd be cool to just continue on, in suffering - yes, the light is a tool. I have a right TO be Shakti when I really need that medicine. Along with the bi-weekly shadow dump, a bi-weekly Shakti dance sounds like a pretty well rounded week to me. These things help me do life - and after months of crippling depression, I need to do life <3

Just read this in class

"Self-discipline" can be considered a type of selective training, creating new habits of thought, action, and speech toward improving yourself and reaching goals.
Self-discipline can also be task oriented and selective.
View self-discipline as positive effort, rather than one of denial."

This comment tho. Someone here gets it. I imagine more and more people are waking up to the reality of how this shadow and light work comes forth.
keyword: transmuting.
also, on the subject of yogas:
"doing yoga" lol I love how many people in this western world completely mistake what these yogas are, how they work, what they're for etc. I highly agree with your take on how people think that just simply "doing yoga" or more specifically, taking a yoga class will answer all their spiritual prayers. Yes, I do believe that taking yoga classes can make a fundamental difference and begin that descent and subsequent ascent, however, I do want to make this point.
REAL YOGAS are subjective. they're personal, and they are tools of not only the body but the MIND. they're the proverbial comb used for the untangling of the dread. (ironically I cut mine off recently) and I think it is well worth noting that westerners' prescription of yogas are extremely new, and Naive for that matter. most will not begin to comprehend the power and effectiveness of these tools just by taking a few hip opening classes at your local lifetime fitness, or hell, even taking a 200 hour YTT. The depth and understanding truly comes from the intention on digging out those dark roots of trauma and "samskara" not only mentally but physically as well. I believe that the yogas lay in the pause. in the silence. In this day of age, just getting the chance to experience real silence amidst all of the noise is profound in of itself. I imagine many here have come to find this. In my opinion, we've merely scratched the surface on what these yogas mean, how to properly employ their use, and how we view them; not just as a exercise to tighten your ass, but rather, to get your head out of it. In short, we should re-examine our intent with these yogas, and have a few daily, as they really are great procedures to center and become present. a reality check if you will. A dose of yoga a day keeps the therapist away! thank you for allowing me to have this rant ;) -your Iron Yogin

Point in case. This is from an "Awakened male" "And in all honesty, I would like to invest in an army of our own, make advancements in our on weaponry, so we can kill off the evil families that are in control. The evil spirits that live among us, do not belong here. They do not align with the purpose of why our planet exists, and why our spirits and life exist. Everyone is capable of living on this planet for FREE and in harmony with nobody ruling over anyone else. We have everything we need here on earth, all resources were given to us, earth provides for all beings. Once the light workers have control back of the planet, there will be no need for currency at all."

This is so crazy that you received over 47,000 views, but only 69 votes, and a projected payout of 10.87 at the moment! Wow!
I saw two different people on my FB feed post this. Who I don't believe are users of Steemit.
Great exposure for steemit here. Wow, that baffles me though that it got so many views but so few votes. Usually the opposite. I guess the majority of the views came from non-steemit users and some virality on FB.
Wish you the best!

Thanks for noticing. I wrote an article that was triggered by your comment.

Oh cool! I will read it more thoroughly! Just skimmed it! Awesome. I had corrected a typo in my original comment, changing the word vitality to virality, which I had originally intended it to be. Idk if you have the care to swap the image out in the article with new image containing this edit, but that would be awesome if you did. Stoked to read the article and so cool to inspire you! :) Thanks @docdelux !

Cool post. It is a little confusing and is getting misconstrued by a few people I'm sure. There are those who seek to profit or gain from new age mentality. They simply focus on the positive power of it and gain from that. They can do that. They serve as a light, and beacon of hope for those who are struggling on the negative side, that's their gift. There is power in the new age tools and they are using it to pump themselves up. Then there are light workers who can't ignore the dark side. They see both sides of the coin. The pain the suffering and injustices. These guys work more hands on. That's their gift. They are strong spirited and can handle the spirit of oppression that so many are haunted by.
Always boost the true flame of good, because there are people out there seeking to snuff it out. Please do not give them an inch. Love, flowers, yoga and vegans are all good things. One love brother. #redpillnation

seeing the darkness and evil in the world for what it is, helps you appreciate the love, flowers, yogas and vegans just a little bit more (;

Agree with a lot of the points here, but it doesn't have to be so binary. Sure, there is lots of spiritual bullshit out there. And sure, the spiritual path inevitably involves digging through darkness. But there is an important distinction to be made between working through darkness in a healthy way and stewing in a self loathing darkness. Where and how you direct your attention does matter.

This post! Fantastic. Totally the truth. I've always found myself most uncomfortable around the "peachy follow me around and float on my happy cloud"people. Not because I don't like to float on happy clouds from time to time, but because I can tell they're full of shit and wearing a mask. Honesty, truth, chaos, darkness, they're necessary. They bring about change in a human that most people can't fully understand if they aren't willing to embrace them. Thanks for the post, brother in truth! 😊😊

I like it The people that claim to be spiritual; are funny Just like a guy yesterday that goes to church every sunday and believes in the dead dude on the cross. He said he is not religious? I just laughed. Makes my work so easy.

That was a good post. That along with your question to me as to my aversion to Pike's philosophy is making me look at an apparent conflict going on in my own mind. I'm averse to studying esoteric systems (at least for the purposes of their practical use) that are focused on controlling others. However, my own knee-jerk when I see something about "lightworkers," is to turn the page and move on, even though there may be some legitimate teaching about it. I'd never know because I'm too busy rolling my eyes at the concept.

So I'm in an odd spot where I have this interest in occult literature for its historical significance (I don't think people often recognize it's importance to virtually every culture and civilization), but downplay the dark for its attempt to control the minds and actions of the masses, while scoffing at much of the light side as too woo-woo to be useful in the real world -- whatever that is.

Anyway, thanks for the thought provoking post.

I've noticed that a lot of people say "focus on the positive" or "look on the bright side of things". It does take looking at all angles in order to understand a situation and deal with possible issues appropriately. Ignoring the negative doesn't solve anything.

check out my comment on this

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