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RE: The Spiritual Laws of Engagement - Part 1

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You and I both share a love for Matt Kahn! His teachings are so unique, and sometimes the truth of them washes over you like nothing else. I quote him often in my writing here on Steemit. You are the spirit guide of your body is one that profoundly impacted me, and one about the inner child did also.

I love the way you described number four!

I also love the way you introduce the article as being for people who see beyond ego. There are some concepts that people who haven't reached a certain point are not ready for and cannot understand. I've written quite a bit about unconditional love and toxic people and boundaries and what that all means, and there are a lot of people who can't understand that.



When I first listened to Matt 3-4 years ago, I found him totally arrogant and couldn't listen to his talks. I thought: "Who does this guy think he is? Jesus?" and it took me quite some time to let him in (and realize, that he really is Jesus lol).
I was coming from an Advaita Vedanta tradition and his teaching where threatening my spiritual ego and shattering it into pieces over time.
These days, Matts audios and videos (in the meantime I own them all lol) have become my only spiritual practice. I sit at least 2 hours per day with them and let them do their job. It changed everything and there is no end in the revelations. Some teachings are complete by their own. I sometimes think, that just listening and integrating only one part of a teaching would be enough for one lifetime. 😀
The interesting thing is, that I have become like an ambassador for his teachings. Every person I introduced to his teachings has experienced the same remarkable transformations in their life and it goes on and on...
If you spend so much time with someone, your energies begin to match in a way. I also go to work with him and we talk a lot 😀
Great to find more participants on the path of the Love Revolution here! Thanks for getting in touch and for your resteem! ❤️

I can totally identify with your initial reaction. I actually still get that at the beginning of most of his youtube videos and it takes some time for it to sink in on another level. I don't know, there may be something about his personality that I don't really like. But that in itself is a great learning experience.

"Who the fuck does this guy think he is?" is the first thing that came to my mind when I first listened to Dr. Hawkins about the levels of consciousness. I was like who the fuck does this guy think he is to assign levels of consciousness to something. But turns out I just wasn't ready for it for the very reason he describes in teaching the levels of consciousness lol. Something sounds like absolute gobbledy gook when you hear it if you're not ready for it. Flatout dumb, actually. But then when you are a vibrational match, and you are ready for it kapow it's life changing!

I am with Abraham-Hicks like you are with Matt Kahn. I can't get enough. I just inundate my consciousness with it.