Kundalini Rising: Don't Get Bit

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My experience of a Kundalini Awakening is that it's MORE energy. EVERYthing in your life is going to be amplified.

A lot of people ask if Kundalini awakenings are dangerous. My Kundalini yoga teacher had a different answer, but my answer from my personal experience is that they can be. In my experience, I had to learn new ways of being in the world, or all this added energy that excerbated my negativity may have done me in.

My experience is that the Infinite, Source Energy is all loving and pure. I have not found anything but the purest love beyond comprehension in my experience of Source Energy. All energy is Source Energy. Therefore, all energy is at its nature pure immeasurable Love. Kundalini Energy is Source Energy because nothing can come from anything but Source. Therefore, Kundalini Energy is also pure and absolute immeasurable and inconceivable Love.

When you get a blast of MORE energy, as I said, EVERYTHING will be amplified. And if you have a lot of contrast in your being, in your vibration, in your life, that will ALL be exacerbated. Kundalini will amplify all trauma, negative and toxic beliefs, pain, wounding, anything going on in your physical apparatus. You will feel everything. And it becomes urgent that you transform because everything manifests so much more quickly.

Since our outer lives are mirrors of our inner lives, you see your thoughts and beliefs - both productive and negative - manifest in your outer world much more quickly.

Your shit comes up.

The Kundalini Energy seems to have an Innate Intelligence to it, and it guides the healing and transformation process. In my eperience, toxic beliefs and woundings would come up when I was most capable of dealing with them.

It was a roller coaster. I would overcome one and reach the tippity top of the roller coaster and feel better than I ever have before in my life, and then what seemed like an even more dire belief/wound would bubble up and send me crashing down into it. Then I would rise again.

My experience was that this Energy could not exist in a toxic environment. It will clear. When it rises, you're forced to clear, or you'll get bit.

The energy wants to flow unimpeded. It's a creative energy. It wants to create and manifest. It wants to bring your Soul work out into the world. It wants to make all your dreams come true. And you cannot stop it. If you impede it with doubt, toxic beliefs, and old ways of being that are not a fit with flow and unconditional love, you get bit.

The thing is, it's no different than anyone who has not experienced a Kundalini Awakening. We are pure and Infinite Love. Source Energy manifest. Source Energy is absolute pure unbridled love. When we deviate from that, we get bit. It's just that when your Kundalini awakens, it's MORE. MUCH more.

Our thoughts have to be aligned with pure unconditional love. It's the ultra positivity that people deem as ignorant, naive, cowardly, and stupid. When your Kundalini rises, you don't have a choice. Align with the Love of Source Energy, or be done in by your toxic beliefs and wounds. If you need guidance in your Kundalini Awakening, feel free to dm me from my facebook page.

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Hi, I Like to read more about your kundalini experience and how it wants to get you to be more creative and if you deviate from unconditional love, it bites you. Thank you for writing this.

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