Why Ultra Positivity Isn’t Naive, Ignorant, Destructive, Cowardly, Or Stupid

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This article doesn’t come from someone who has chosen ignorance or is afraid of their shadows or afraid of the big bad world out there or someone who has had little life experience. This article comes from someone who has cried her brains out with every inch of her life and who has gone into her deepest shadows and bravely faced them and willingly gone into them. This article is written by a person who has such a curiosity about life and a desire to understand people and the human experience that she has thrown herself in nearly every life situation that could allow her to experience more. I am a person who has written extensively about not running away from the parts of you that you don’t like, not being afraid of yourself, and asking your pain to completely take you over. I have willingly gone into ancestral trauma and allowed it to take me over. I've studied conspiracy theories and exposed myself to information that most people deny because they can’t handle it.

This article isn’t written by a naive person. This is written by a person who has willingly gone around the block in life. Several times. I am not afraid of information. I am not afraid of people’s opinions. I will look at information and put it to test and run it through the corridors of my mind. And five years ago, when I was in the throes of writing about Anarchy on social media and making sure the world knew in no uncertain terms that I was unhappy being told what to do by the government and they should be, too, I was introduced to Law of Attraction teachings. I immediately resonated with them. I became obsessed, and I couldn’t get enough of it. I listened to it for hours on end.

I put these teachings to the test in my life and was over and over again surprised, delighted, and even shocked at their accuracy. I was obsessed with how I could be the conscious creator of my life instead of living at the behest of the world around me, which plagued me. While learning, I was also in the depths of a Kundalini awakening that without this information may well have killed me.

I spent years reconciling the necessity for me to face my shadows and pain head on and these Law of Attraction teachings which I knew represented something so utterly true. I was facing shadows and using Law of Attraction teachings to pull myself out when the time came to transcend.

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And here’s what I can tell you about these “positivity” teachings that people deem as naive, stupid, willful ignorance, fear of reality, and harmful:

Have you ever experienced God? If you have, then you know that it’s absolute and pure love the magnitude of which you can’t even grasp the fullness and depth of. When you have this experience, you experience it as your Source, and it welcomes you home. This Source is so enormous in its love that it can allow ALL things, even the darkest, sickest thing you can imagine. God is not NOT sickness and twisted behavior. It’s all things. But when you experience it in its fullness there isn’t even a hint of anything less than the greatest and most enormous love that’s beyond what words could ever describe.

So do you think it’s naive, then to be that Love? Doesn’t it make sense that if you’re tapped in to that Love, you’re capable, powerful, in touch with who you are because that’s what you’re made from?

Is it really being in your power to respond to the negativity of the world, the people who are pinching themselves off from that Source Energy which is infinite love beyond human comprehension? Is fighting, complaining being in our power? Does that energy fight and complain? When we feel joy, that’s what Source Energy is. We’re allowing our connection to our Source Energy. If we’re not, we’re pinching ourselves off from that energy.

Should you shun negativity? No. Negativity is part of this glorious human experience. We couldn’t experience positivity without it. Negativity only exists in incarnation. It’s your prerogative as Source Energy to choose to have that and any experience you want and can imagine in your human experience. Source wants to expand, and no matter who you are, you’re doing it.

ALL experience is valid.

Positivity isn’t naive. On the contrary, in this world with so much toxicity and the trauma that every single human being has endured, it takes the utmost dedication and focus to choose to be fully in our power, aligned with Source. It’s far easier to react to the negativity around you.

By choosing to see the “positivity” in all, we’re doing what Source does. If you’ve experienced Source, you know that it doesn’t condemn. It embraces all. Without Source’s loving embrace, none of this could exist. When you do what Source does, you’re doing what Source does. Is there anything that could be more powerful than that?

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