When Christians Do Chakra Meditation And Mix Everything Up

Today many people believe in Jesus and start with Chakra Meditation, Yoga or other kundalini rising serpent methods and their energy work. With your attempts of Chakra meditation within time you can get into connection with your karma and realize that your life is much longer than your current existence from birth to death. However by starting karma meditation you also get brainwashed and other gods, mostly the hinduism gods start to influence your thoughts and your kundalini serpent because they want to help you with your serpent. The christian God YahWeh will get confused as Jesus told you to be careful with the serpent which is simply called Satan in the bible and the confusion with mixing up your faith can cause problems with your consciousness. Therefore if you are Christian you should at least assign Jesus to replace the god of your heart chakra and put Jesus to your heart. I also strongly suggest that you put YahWeh to your crown chakra if you are Christian and want to do chakra meditation and Adonai to your crown chakra if you want the spiritual world to know that you are a jew. Makes sense doesn't it?

The question remains if you want to keep the rest of the hinduism gods who automatically assign their power on your chakras when you start with chakra meditation or what to do with the other chakras. If you realize that this confusion in your believe systems causes problems you can decide to do a chakra removal procedure with the rest of your chakras (except heart and crown chakra). You might want to know what I did with my chakras. I developed my spirituality to an egyptian kabbalistic christian gnosis and therefore not only assigned Jesus to my heart chakra and Adonai to my crown chakra to support my kether but also assigned some important egyptian gods to the other chakras instead of the hinduism ones. I am not interested in the hinduism religion other than its methods to find out my own karma that reaches all the way back to the egyptian culture and God's creation. If you try to do this be careful to select the right gods for your chakras as they will influence your life and the decision and selection matches the way you solve problems. If you solve your problems with violence and the police all the time you might want to darken your solar plexus chakra with Seth as he is the most powerful egyptian god. However you increase your chance to get to jail that way. The selection of the right gods to guide you through life is your own decision. I changed my selection some years ago and the change modified my personality to solve problems completely different. This was necessary as I tried to assign Seth to the solar plexus chakra and solved my problems with the help of the police. I realized some years ago that there are more options with my increased transcendence to solve problems than to call the police so I exchanged Seth with another egyptian god of wisdom for my solar plexus chakra.

You see many believe that aliens suck your energy through chakras, they don't have a clue what chakras are but they are playing around with them. Many have problems with mismatched confused gods and suffer from new problems that arise with their wrong meditation. The chakra energy system is an extremly powerful influence to your consciousness. You should think what you are doing and know your spiritual plan before you start brainwashing yourself with chakras. I can guide you when you want to find out more about your karma and spiritual plan. If you feel unsure after reading this what to do with chakras simply stay away from chakra meditation completely or remove them if you want to follow pure Christianity.

You can find out more about my egyptian kabbalistic christian gnosis on the following page:


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