Spending an entire Life on a spaceship

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Think about how exciting it has to be to spend an entire lifetime or even lifetimes exclusively on a gigantuous spaceship, reconnoitering galaxies and their planets, harvesting data as to planetary anomalies and peculiarities, culture, lifestyle of beings and entities living there. Of course there would be entire schools on the spaceship, and by means of small exploration space ships integrated into the "master spaceship" school classes partake in practical trips to other planets to get the direct experience of their theoretical musings learnt onboard.

Occasionally I end up on spaceships throughout my whole dream time at night. That is exactly what took place tonight.

It was like a tour through an enire spaceship's interior including all the amenities.

This particular spaceship had 13 floors which were not interconnected to each other via stairs or an elevator, but via teleportation fields which upon entering teleported you to the floor desired.

What I have been particularly avid about during the tour was when I received the info that Space as we know it didn't exist in this spaceship. A room which appears to the Human eye as a 10x10 room turned out to be much larger within. It is just an outside illusion without the interior being limited to the eyes' measure.

Also a very noteworthy piece of knowledge I gleaned was about the spaceship dwellers. They were comprised of many different races, some morer predominantly represented on the spaceship, some less.Yet each race had their very own "housing block". The reason for this was that each race has very specific needs and lifestyles, so that the rooms are customized to each particular race. I do not remember all the races I was introduced to, among the more numerous ones was a Dwarf species, while among the scarcely represented races were Homunculi (the looks of which I was utterly unaware up to that time) and some weird Skeleton-like beings dressed in hooded cloaks.

As said, some Universal beings spend their entire lifetime on a spaceship or even lifetimes. It is just their choice of Self-expression. I know that I am going to spend my entire lifetime on a spaceship in one of my closer future lives, not my next one but probably within the next five lives of mine. There is much more possibilities and diversity to be experienced on a spaceship life than somebody might expect.

I look forward to it!

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Had I not visited there myself I'd have said you watched too much of Deep Space 9!😉👍1585126-837280_ds9.jpg


Even even if you hadn't visited yourself, keep in mind that Artist creators are merely channeling experiences of their very own Soul's past and future history in the Time-Space continuum.

Nice that you have had your own visits. Any specifics? As to mine this night, I was very enhusiastic about the entire interior and functionalities, even though the dwellers were indeed very unfamiliar… :)


Mine was a one-time visit, at a spaceship circling earth, meeting a soul partner there for some discussions. I took little notice of the decor, you can imagine, but I do recall a round shape big hall with "regular" people wandering in it.

Your authentic reports are intriguing!


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There was a night I dreamed with aliens and being inside a spaceship, just like a tour as if was the most common thing 😂 I wasn't afraid of them but get nervous like "omg finally finally I get it" Was a nice dream


Yeah, and this is actually real alien disclosure. We don't need for anyone to confirm Alien existence. When we are ready to follow our own Truth, we get the evidence. The dream world is the Quantum realm where the multiverses unfolds. :)

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