Lexicon of spirit animals: frog

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Mode of life:

Frogs are four-legged, tailless amphibians which prefer wetland and forests as their natural habitats. There are several hundred different frog species spread over the entire planet, all sharing morphological similarities yet with each species having more or less distinctive peculiarities in terms of height, skin colour patterns and croaking sound. Frogs have tapered heads with protruding eyes and pronounced tympanum. More so, they have long and strong hind legs making them great jumpers, while at the same time the webbing between their toes endows frogs with excellent swimming capabilites. The frog's skin is naturally greasy, in need of moisture, and they feed on small fish and insects, sometimes even smaller frog species. Also noteworthy is the frog's metamorphosis from spawn over tadpole to frog. One of the most well-known frog species are the red-eyed tree frog (image above) and the poison dart frog, both of which are endemic to the tropical forests in Central- and South America. In contrast to most frogs which use their skin colour play for the purpose of camouflage to evade their enemies, the poison dart frog is an exception, boasting very bright warning colours to alert predators of their deadly venom.


Spiritually light aspects:

From the light side, the frog stands for development, fertility and healing. Being a master of metamorphosis, it teaches us to always embrace learning, and if necessary, throwing deeply-established patterns completely overboard if they hamper our inner Soul growth. The frog's excellent jumping skills encourage us to dare big jumps and changes in our own life even when some risks might be in store (=>hence the English term "to leapfrog"). Since frogs like to mingle and build unique frog choirs, they also advocate a healthy team spirit and indicate the power of communication if pooled into a harmonious unit. As an ectotherm, the frog also teaches us that fierieness is not always the best way to handle circumstances, kindly reminding us that neutrality and objectiveness will lead to more fruitful mediation. The frog's element is a blend of water and earth, hence it signifies the power of diving into our emotional river for healing to fertilize our inner soil and channel the result thereof into grounded and prolific actions in our life.



Being a stark contrast to most frog species in terms of camouflage, the poison dart frog in particular (two images above) is evocative of retaining our inherent power to choose and developing a healthy dose of charisma. Stepping out of our Soul concealment to shine our luminant and vibrant essence into the world within the awareness that we don't need to belittle ourselves in front of anyone or anything. This is how we will get the respect we deserve.

Spiritually dark aspects:

The frog stands for reacting overly emotionally without self-control. Building large frog choires resulting in sometimes uncoordinated sound play, the frog also displays an inclination toward talking too much without listening to others. Moreover, frogs have a typical high startle response, which is why cowardice, imbalance and moodiness are commonly attributed to the frog, so it shouldn't come as surprise that for instance in the German vernacular the idiom "Sei kein Frosch" is widely used to refer to a person who spoils the fun or to somebody who lacks the trust and faith to go that next step.


Addendum: this is a new series I felt very inspired to start. The insights shared are a mixture of personal learning about certain animals via books and my own spiritual take and thoughts on them. I hope you will enjoy this series and welcome your feedback!

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My first dream I can remember was about a small sunny clearing in a fir tree forrest, it was spring and warm, it was full of light. I could hear a pond and a single frog, there was a dove. Nothing happend in this dream I wasnt there physicaly but instandly I knew about my cousine I grew up with, who wasnt born at this time.

Interesting to hear about the spiritual connections and btw. nice to see you experimenting with d-tube.


When certain animals show up notably often in our life (whether during dream time or waking time doesn't matter) or when we feel attracted to certain animals, this is always to teach us specific lessons in our life at that time. That which is written under "spiritually light/dark aspects" are then referring to the lessons they try to teach us. Interesting dream for sure, Even though the colour of doves can be interpreted differently, doves in general are bringers of messages, while frogs are also vivid communicators. So as it looks this was Soul communication between you and your cousin, while the frog and the dove brought in the message.

To Dtube, yes "experimenting" is the proper term. Over the last week I felt the need of getting new inspiration for my Steemit posts because I felt like having reached an idea threshold with my posts. Then on Thursday I suddenly had the idea of trying out Dtube. It was more of an urge that this is something I should try now, so that even though I didn't quite felt in the mood of making a video that day, I still pulled myself together to get that nagging urge out of my mind. Certainly a nice addition in my posting repertoire. Then yesterday I had that other inspirational idea of making this series, so taking this one-week break surely allowed my creativity to restore. ;)

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