Disclosing our future lifetime - A beginner's guide Part 3

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Basically, there are two main components which play a role in detecting our future lifetime on a surface level.

The first component is the question as to how much we are in alignment with our True Self.

Only when we are aligned with our True Self we are able to consciously read our Soul's unique Light mixture.

It goes without saying that aligning with our True Self requires Soul search, the process of recalibrating our focus from outward to inward. Only by doing this, we are able to declutter external collective Truth and beget internal individual Truth. The process of Soul search brings forth our inherent Soul interests with the most natural longevity, which means that these passions won't simply change, which poses a huge contrast to the state of inauthenticity, a state where we tend to dither and experience whimsical and sudden changes in interests.

Throughout the course of our Awakening our Awareness will gradually increase, a Universal gift we are most naturally endowed with. A gift the benefits of which do not only pertain to the conscious waking state but also to the subconscious dream state. Finally, we are capable of fully consciously retrieving our Soul's past and future history in the dream state and take this very data gleaned right into our waking state.


The second factor is what makes our Heart beat until the very end!

Especially as our Soul search goes into full swing, demarcating between past and future vibration becomes ever more easy; while certain passions grow fervently, former passions dwindle at incredible pace, a sign of vibrationally detaching and outgrowing our past beyond lifetimes. The more our Heart beats for a certain theme the closer an according future lifetime, and if we are not interested at all in a theme odds are we have no Soul history at all in an according reality or it is too far away from our current NOW so that our Soul doesn’t make us aware of it yet.

What is an important part of the puzzle though with respect to the actual life experience, whether past or future life, is that our current Heart attraction is incorporating the entire spectrum of that other reality and not only one side of the duality gamut. In other words, our Heart's vibrational attraction to anything takes into account the entire experiential scope perfectly tailored with our Soul's desired path of growth.

Most of the times, we don’t have real explanations as to why we like something. It is a pure feeling state going beyond rational logic since the thinking mind has no reference point in its memory bank as a by-product of our “Great Forgetting”.

Vibrational inclination is our new logic and knowledge base instead of far-fetched analysis!

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Congratulations alexaventuria your post is really heart touching

thank you found your answer to quantum leaps realy intuitive and interresting. Some years ago people did quantum calls via entangled materia. But only some hunret kilometers. This year they did it to the other side of the globe from vienna to peking. Distance is in quantum world of course no problem. I wonder if in some years untrained people will use it? What do you say to the starting boom of quantum traveling in science? There are even quantum hackers, claiming that it is possible to acces a traveling beeing

Once I have left accidentialy my body, it was mid day, no special circumstances, no dreaming involved. A friend from experimental psychology talked something of loosing the ownership-illusion. We only illusionate ownership of our body. This goes so far, that we can even access ownership of for exaple a rubber hand. Ofcourse quantum leaping sounds way better, since it makes far distance journeys possible.

I ask because you say you focus on inner truth, dont you think outer-truth seekes from quantum-recearch can come to the same truth (maybe by intuitively doing inner thruth seeking) and one day interfering with your traveling? Like a place you have all for you and then suddenly tourists will come, more and more.

Consider the idea that many times—possibly even every time—you make a decision or choice, you are actually moving between alternate realities, between parallel worlds. In those alternate realities, there is another possible “you” who you can connect with so strongly that the conscious awareness and energy that is you literally moves into that other reality, quantum jumping in the process. When feeling so strongly connected to another self in a different reality, it is possible to gain direct access to the knowledge available only in that time and space and to experience an entirely different self.
So bottom line is, that we are actually constantly Quantum leaping between alternate realities, but most do it without noticing it and only very "small-scale" because of deeply-entrenched self-limiting beliefs, which means that huge Quantum leaps are out of reach for those people because becoming their most abundant version seems to outlandish a probability compared to how they experience themselves right now ( as a victim full of lack dependent on external circumstances), so they do not even dare to invest energy in the visualization of such possibility because they see it as a waste of time.

Portals are Quantum doors allowing instant Transportation from A to B, yet in this Earth realm it will probably take several hundreds of years until deeper understanding will be gained by scientists as to how they work.

And surely, they are indeed doing intuitive inner Truth seeking. Those with the strongest visions are those who influence the collective most effectively. As their vision gets clearer and clearer it gains momentum, and more and more like-minded thinkers and believers find together so that the vision manifests quicker, and at some point a certain threshold has been reached where a huge leap in the physical takes place, like building tension and finally the big release.Those without a strong vision ( the predominant part of Earth inhabitants, with all due respect without judgment :)) then simply go with the flow and accept the vision of others and live the vision of others, and literally live in the dream dreamt by somebody else.

Just look at the entire Earth experience or for example the vision behind Steemit we all have:) :)